Homestays in Spiti Valley- List of BEST Homestays in Spiti

by Mohammed Shoaib

Homestays in Spiti Valley are a great choice of accommodation for two kinds of travelers. The first are the ones that are traveling on a limited budget and the second is people who want to learn more about the local life in the valley. In some places, homestays are in fact the only kind of accommodation you can get. If you want to add a new kind of experience to your trip, staying as a paying guest with a local will really serve the purpose. Mentioned below is a list of some of the best homestays in Spiti Valley.

Before we get into the list, there are a few things I would like to mention. The actual definition of homestay in the last few years has actually gotten restricted to only a few villages now. In most of the places in Spiti, what now are available are just guest houses. They have Homestay added to their names just to attract tourist but in all reality, they are just small hotels or guest houses.

You can also not entirely plan your trip thinking of staying at homestays only. You will have to do a mix and match of hotels, guest houses, and homestays. In some places, there are no, in fact, ho homestays available.

Thus an ideal way of the journey would be to mostly opt for hotels and guest houses and limit Homestays to just around Kaza, in the remote villages of Spiti like Kibber, Komik, Langza, Hikkim, etc.

If you wish to, you can also stay at monasteries at places like Tabo and Kye. That too is a great and different kind of experience which is also budget-friendly. At Key Monastery, you will only pay Rs. 200 – Rs. 300 for both food and lodging.

Homestays in Spiti Valley

Best Homestays in Spiti Valley

Mentioned below is a list of a few recommended homestays in Spiti Valley. Please note that it only covers villages and towns of Spiti and not that of Kinnaur Valley. I will provide a list of homestays in Kinnaur in a different article.

I have not stayed at all of these homestays. Some I am recommending out of my own experience while others are based on feedback received from friends and reviews over the web. For complete information on visiting Spiti Valley, please read How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley.

Homestays in Nako Village

Nako is actually in Kinnaur Valley, not in Spiti. The area around Nako is considered as upper Kinnaur Valley but the village is mostly considered as Spiti, mainly because of the landscape. In recent times, it has come up as a major stopover for people traveling on Spiti Circuit.

To be honest, homestay in Nako is not a big thing anymore. The difference between a homestay, hotel or guest house has long diminished. They are all guest houses here. Some of them call themselves hotel, others as guest houses and a few as homestays.

This is not really a place where I will recommend you to go looking for a homestay. Just find a hotel per your liking and check-in. You can get more information at How to Plan a Trip to Nako.

Mentioned below are a few homestays located in Nako.

  • Amar Homestay: 9418623453
  • Nehru Homestay: 094594 05151
  • Moonlake Homestay: 9418440767.
  • Tashi’s Home: 9873146404

Nako Village

Homestays in Gue Village

Gue Village falls after Nako, towards Tabo. The only thing about this tiny village is the 500-year-old Mummy located here. To know more, please read The Mummy of Spiti Valley.

Not many people stay here and because of it, there aren’t any hotels or guest houses here. Just talk to any of the local villagers and they will let you stay in their house for a nominal charge.

You will actually stay in their house and share their table, which is the true definition of a homestay. But the village is not that scenic and not really recommended for a night’s stay.

Homestays in Tabo

After Kaza, Tabo is the second largest town in Spiti Valley. It is also a preferred stop for people traveling from Shimla to Kaza because you get a wide range of accommodation choices to pick from here. Tabo has hotels, guest houses, homestays, PWD guest house and you can even stay at the monastery.

If you are on a shoestring budget, I will recommend staying at the monastery. It will only cost you a few hundreds and you will get to live with the Lamas. Please note though that your stay will be very basic.

Another good place to stay is the PWD guest house but you will have to book in advance for that. Please read How to book an HPPWD Rest House for more details. For more details on Tabo, please read How to Plan a Trip to Tabo.

There are a lot of hotels and guest houses here right around the monastery and on the main road. If you want to live in a homestay, then mentioned below is a list of a few that I know.

  • Phuntsok Home Stay: 9418576181.
  • Sheela Peak Home Stay: 9418504229 or 9459791330.
  • Dechen Ling Home Stay and Guest House: 9418188749 or 8988391618
  • Kunga Home Stay: 8988124157
  • Nirvana Home Stay: 9459392699
  • Tabo Home Stay: 01906-223362
  • Maitrey Guest Home Stay: 01906 – 223329, 9418981317

Homestay in Mane Village

Mane is a small village near Dhankar and is best known for the Sopona Lake trek. The village is divided into two parts, Upper Mane Village and Lower Mane Village. It is a quiet little peaceful place and I stayed at Sonam Homestay in Upper Mane Village. I do not have their number anymore but you can just ask around in the village and someone will point you in the right direction. For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Mane Village.

Homestays in Dhankar Village

A little ahead of Tabo is the small village of Dhankar, best known for its ancient monastery and Dhankar Lake trek. It is another preferred place to stay in Spiti Valley.

There are a few homestays on the road that leads from the main highway to Dhankar and around Dhankar Monastery. Mentioned below is a list.

  • Dhankar Home Stay: Contact Anil at 9999731115 or 9313080096
  • Eay-ma-ho Home Stay: 8988007090
  • Rabsal Home Stay (at village top): 9418411224 (Gianchho)
  • Tenzin Home Stay: 9418719839
  • Tashi Home Stay: 89884 81696
  • Yangzor Home Stay: 9418518317
  • Manirang Family Guest House: 09418556208

As far as I know, Dhankar Monastery does not allow tourists to stay for the night but you can try talking to the lamas and see if they will let you stay. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Dhankar.

Homestay in Pin Valley

Pin Valley has over 17 villages in it and almost all of them can play your host for the night. You just need to talk to the villagers and find a suitable home. The most popular of all the villages, however, is the Mudh Village and it has several hotels, guest houses and homestays available. A few other villages that have good accommodation choices are Gulling, Sangnam, Kungri, and Mikkim.

  • Pin Parvati Paying Guest House (Mudh Village): 09418571167 or 8991723015
  • Tara Paying Guest Houe (Mudh Village): 09418541453
  • Snow Valley Guest House (Mudh Village): 9418985242
  • Valley View Guest House (Gulling): 9910036654 or 8988870784

All the villages in Pin Valley are just a group of 50 odd houses. The difference between a guesthouse and homestay here is almost next to none. My recommendation will be to stay at a guest house in Mud Village. The experience will be the same as a homestay.

There is also a PWD guest house in Sangnam if you wish to stay there. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Pin Valley.

homestays in spiti valley

Homestay in Lhalung Village

Lhalung is a small but very beautiful village that can be called an offbeat destination within an offbeat Spiti Valley. Not many people visit here which makes it one of the best places to get a homestay experience. Almost every house in the village is a homestay. Just talk to any of the villagers and they will love to be your host. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Lhalung Village.

Listed below are a few homestays in Lhalung Village.

  • Khabrik Home Stay: Tashi Gatuk – 094189 62704
  • Sonam Homestay: Sonam Tandup
  • Konchok Home Stay: 097427 97208
  • Lhalung Homestay

Homestay in Demul Village

This is another tiny hamlet of Spiti located close to Lhalung Village. They have a unique concept of homestays. Out here, upon arrival, you will meet the village chief and he will decide which house you will stay in. They just all take turns in being the host and this way, every villager gets an equal share of earning from tourists. This is to ensure that no one has a monopoly and everyone in the village prospers.

Since you cannot pick a homestay here on your own, there is really no number that I can give you to book in advance. But what I can definitely tell you is that they are all equally good. You will be treated well and your stay will be a nice and warm one. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Demul Village.

Homestay in Hikkim Village

Hikkim is at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Kaza. At an elevation of 4,400 meters (14,400 ft), the village is best known for its highest post office in the world.

Tsedup’s house is the only homestay/guest house that formally recognizes itself as accepting tourists. For a nominal charge, you will be provided with a comfortable bed, bathroom, three meals, one hell of a view. Meals will be very basic and simple but delicious enough. It is located close to the post office itself and you can contact them at 9873146404 / 9971799092.

If not Tsedup’s house, you can try talking to other villagers as well. They are all very helpful people and would not mind accepting a guest for a night. If nothing worked, then you can talk to the monks at the monastery as well and crash there for the night.

Another homestay here is by the name of Hikkim Himalayan Cafe & Home Stay. Their number is 9459040980 or 8988078996. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Hikkim.

Homestay in Komic Village

If Hikkim boasts of the highest post office in the world, the nearby village of Komic is often credited as being the highest village in the world connected with a motorable road. The village is located at a distance of about 18.5 kilometers from Kaza and 3 kilometers ahead of Hikkim. For more information, please read How to Plan a Trip to Komic.

Tanpa Homestay here is probably the most known one. You can contact them at 9459483143. Another one is called Gompa’s House near Tangyud Monastery (9873146404). A third one is called Padma Homestay and can be contacted at 9459357872.

There is also a restaurant here by the name of Spiti Organic Kitchen – World’s Highest Restaurant. They can also arrange for your night stay. In total, it will cost you about Rs. 1200 for accommodation and meals.

A friend of mine stayed at the monastery in the village so that is also an option that you can try. Talk to any of the lamas and see if they will let you stay at the monastery overnight. This is the most budget-friendly option. My friend paid only Rs. 200 per day at the monastery.

homestays in spiti valley

Homestay in Langza

There are two things that Langza is best known for. One is the marine fossils that are found here in ample amount due to which it is also known as the “Fossil Village” of India. Second is a grand colorful statue of Buddha that sits on top of a hill near the village.

Tenzi Homestay is probably the most known one here. They have comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms and at very reasonable rates. I stayed here for Rs. 800 per day. Initially, they asked for Rs. 1200 but then agreed for Rs. 800 for the room. But after including the meals for one person, we again agreed for Rs. 1200. You can contact the owner @ 9459566627.

Another good homestay here is Lara’s Homestay but this one is slightly on the costlier side. I was asked for Rs. 3000 per day and that is why I did not stay here as I was a solo traveler on a tight budget. I did see their rooms though and they were very nice with attached bathrooms and running water. You can contact them at 094185 37689.

A third one is Sonam Homestay which too is equally good. It can be a preferred choice for budget travelers like me. You can contact the owner of this homestay at 094187 57464 or 94594 20400. This one has a very homely feeling to it.

A few other homestays are as mentioned below.

  • Phan Dey Home Stay: 9418620454
  • Cho Cho Kang Niylta Home Stay: 8988209334 or 9459214648
  • Norkhyil Home Stay: 8988485081 or 8988110021

For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Langza Village.

Homestay in Kibber Village

Kibber is probably the most popular of all the villages near Kaza. It is best known for Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary that this village acts as the gateway to. Like Langza, Kibber is also famous for the marine fossils that you can find here.

Norling Homestay is probably the oldest and most famous one here. You can contact them at 9418556107. Deshek Homestay (Phone 7650074070) is another one that comes recommended. This is the same one that is also known by the name of Tashi Homestay. Thinley homestay (094597 25525) is another where a friend of mine stayed and her experience was a pleasant one.

A few others are as mentioned below.

  • Sonam Home Stay: 9459980911
  • Kanamo Home Stay: 9459053363
  • Tanzin Home Stay: 9418720036
  • Serkong Home Stay: 8918355693, 09418538140, 01906 – 200166

For more details, please read How to plan a trip to Kibber.

Homestay in Chicham Village

About 6 kilometers ahead of Kibber is the small village of Chicham, best known for Chicham Bridge. A massive gorge known as ‘Samba Lamba Nallah’ divides Kibber and Chicham villages due to which, until a few years ago, it was impossible to get to Chicham from Kibber by road. However, after completion of Chicham Bridge, even this tiny hamlet has become a tourist spot.

Tara Homestay is the one I have stayed in. It is owned by a gentleman named Chhering Angrup. He was a very hospitable person and did his best to ensure that we did not face any problem while we were there. You can contact him at 094186 46714.

Other than this, there are a few other homestays. Just talk to the villagers and they will either point you in the direction of one or take you to their own home. You can contact Welcome Bodh homestay at 08988230849. There was another one called Tenzin Homestay that I noticed.

A few other homestays are as mentioned below.

  • Tapka Home Stay: 9418215768
  • Karma Pema Home Stay: 9418448477
  • Tenzin Home Stay: 9418754750
  • Cold Desert Home Stay: 9459420240
  • Pema Home Stay: 01906 200403
  • Thuktan Home Stay: 01906 262313
  • Tara House Home Stay: 01906 262314

For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Chicham Village.

Homestay in Gette Village

Gette is another small village of Spiti Valley located about 26 kilometers from Kaza and 12 kilometers from Kibber. It falls on the way to Tashigang Village. There are two homestays here by the name of Dugpa’s Home Stay (9418155078) and Tenzin Home Stay (9418966306).

Homestay in Tashigang Village

Also known as Tashigong village, this tiny village is located at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Kibber about 30 kilometers from Kaza. It is the same road to Gette Village that travels another 3 kilometers before ending at Tashigang Village.

Tashigang is at a height of 4650 meters and only has a handful of houses. It is among the smallest villages of Spiti Valley with only a few families calling it their home. What does make it special however is that it now has the world’s highest polling station.

There is only one homestay here by the name of Blue Sheep Homestay. Considering that it is just a tiny village, you will have no problem finding it. Just take a walk and ask around. For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Tashigang.

homestays in spiti valley

Homestay in Kaza

To be very honest, Kaza is not really a place that I will recommend you for homestay. There are tons of hotels and guest houses here and I will suggest that you stay at one of these. Do not go looking for a homestay in Kaza. Stay at a hotel here and for a homestay experience, go to the nearby villages.

Homestay in Pangmo

Pangmo is a small village located between Kaza and Losar. There is a homestay here by the name of Spiti Sojourn (98735 95995).

Homestay in Losar

Losar is a village located about 58 kilometers from Kaza. Right after Losar, the climb for Kunzum La pass starts. A lot of people prefer to stay in Losar instead of Kaza because it is quieter. The road until Losar usually remains open even in the winter months.

There are a couple of homestays here. One is by the name of Losar Kunzum Homestay (01906222252) that I can tell you is good. A couple of others are Ibex Homestay and Ladon Homestay. There is also an HPPWD rest house in Losar.

Accommodation in Batal

Batal is just a temporary settlement between Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass. There is absolutely nothing here except for a couple of Dhabas and campsites. The Dhabas is famously known as Chacha-Chachi Dhaba and they can give you a bed for the night if you do wish to stay here. The campsite is run by their son right next to the Dhaba.

There is also a PWD rest house at Batal but in all my trips, I have not found the caretaker available even once. Even if he was, I highly doubt that he will allow anyone to stay.


I hope the information above on homestays in Spiti Valley was of help. If you have any questions or need any other details, please feel free to ask in the comments section below, or at our Community Forum, and I will be glad to answer.

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