Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary – How to Visit Leh Ladakh in 8 Days

by Vargis.Khan

Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

When you plan an 8 days itinerary for leh Ladakh, the most important thing to remember then is that this can only be an air trip. You will have to catch a flight in and out of Leh and cannot make this a road trip entirely. In this article, I will provide a few examples of a Ladakh 8 days itinerary that will see you make the best use of the limited time in hand.

To begin with, I will first explain an itinerary that I recommend, followed by a few other alternative ways to complete the journey. Based on your preference and mode of travel, you can choose to follow either of these travel plans.

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If you have any other questions,  you can contact me on Instagram and I will be happy to answer. You can also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and asking a question there.

How to Plan a Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

The reason why I said this cannot be a road trip is that the time, even though 8 days, is still not sufficient. Think of it this way. Manali to Leh is a minimum of a 2 days journey. Jammu to Leh is a minimum of 3 days of travel. Then you will need at least a day from your hometown to reach either Manali or Jammu and then another day to get back.

This really leaves no time for sightseeing in Ladakh. Making this a road trip would mean that you just reached Leh and started on your way home.

Before we get into the itinerary, let me first mention a few important things that you must keep in mind before starting the journey. For more details on visiting Ladakh, please take a look at How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh – A Complete Travel Guide.

Be Prepared for Altitude Sickness

The biggest concern for anyone reaching Ladakh by Air is altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness. A slow gain in altitude is the best prevention against it which does not really happen when you catch a flight to Leh.

Within a matter of hours, altitude increases by a considerable amount. You bring your body to heights that it is not accustomed to.

This may trigger the symptoms of altitude sickness and make the first couple of days of your trip difficult. For more details on acute mountain sickness, its symptoms, and preventions, please read How to handle acute mountain sickness in Ladakh.

It then becomes of utmost importance that you allow sufficient time for acclimatization after you land in Leh. Not stressing your body too much and ample amount of rest become the key factors here.

Arrange Hotel & Permits

An Inner Line Permit is a mandatory permit that you must get in order to visit places like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri. Please read How to Obtain Inner Line Permit for Ladakh for more details on applying and related charges.

Arrange Transport

For travel arrangements, it is best to book a private taxi for the tour. You can use public transport as well but that will strongly limit you only to certain places and can become a bit of a hassle too.

Renting a motorcycle is also a choice but only if you are an experienced rider. You should know how to handle a bike on steep ascents and tricky roads. Take a look at Bike Rental Rates in Ladakh to get an idea of how much it will cost you.

If you are in a group of 5-6 people, then book a private cab and have the driver pick you up from the airport itself. If you are alone and cannot afford the taxi cost, then you should opt for a rented bike.

Do not book the bike in advance though. Do it only after you land in Leh. Test a few motorcycles there and pick the one that looks and performs the best.

Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

8 Days Itinerary for Leh Ladakh

Let us now take a look at a few examples of an itinerary covering Ladakh in 8 Days. The journey can of course be planned in multiple ways. In the end, however, it is more or less the same places that you will visit with the exception of a few.

Most of the flights to and out of Leh are early in the morning which really works in your favor here. It means that you will land in Leh early morning on Day 1 which will leave you the entire day to make other arrangements. For a return flight too, you will catch a flight in the morning and return home early in the day.

I will first start with the one that I recommend.

  • Arrive in Leh – Day 1
  • Leh – Day 2
  • Leh to Nubra Valley – Day 3
  • Nubra Valley – Day 4
  • Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake – Day 5
  • Pangong Lake to Leh – Day 6
  • Leh to Tso Moriri – Day 7
  • Tso Moriri to Leh – Day 8
  • Fly Out – Day 9

The itinerary above will see you spending 8 days in Ladakh and catching a flight home on Day 9. If you were however wanting to catch a flight home on Day 8 itself, then you can remove either Day 2 or Day 4 from this plan. That way, you will complete the journey in 7 days and be home on the eighth day.

It will be very difficult to follow this plan by public transport. It is best done by either a rented bike or a private taxi. If you were thinking of traveling by bus and shared cabs, I have suggested an itinerary for that further in the article.

Day 1 – Leh

You will arrive in Leh on Day 1. I am assuming that you would have booked a hotel and arranged the permits in advance. It will give you the entire day to just rest and adjust to high altitude.

If you are planning to rent a bike, then you will have to move around Leh City. Check out a few rental agencies and finalize a bike that you are convinced of.

For most people, their first day after landing in Leh is usually difficult. There is no other way around it but to allow your body some time to adjust. If you feel better by evening, you can take a stroll through the market or visit Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa in Leh City.

Day 2 – Sightseeing in and Around Leh

Spending the first 2 days in Leh City itself will give you plenty of time to adjust yourself to the altitude and make the journey ahead easier. In the coming days, you will be crossing high-altitude passes, and sleeping near high-altitude lakes.

Proper acclimatization in the initial days will ensure that you do not face any problems later. This is even more beneficial if you are traveling to Ladakh with family or children.

You do not necessarily have to get bored in the hotel itself. There are several places in Leh City and its vicinity which are definitely worth a visit. Leh Palace, Shey Palace, Thiksey Monastery, and Shanti Stupa are to name a few. For a complete list of places that you can see in leh, please read Tourist Attractions in Leh City and its Vicinity.

If you want to make the day even more interesting, you can go for a drive on the Srinagar Leh road. If time allows, go as far as Lamayuru and return to Leh by evening. On the way, you will also see the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh, the Confluence of the Indus-Zanskar River, and Gurudwara Patthar Sahib.

shanti stupa

Day 3 – Leh to Nubra Valley

On Day 3, you will go to Nubra Valley.  The first stop of the day will be Khardung La which is about 35 kilometers from Leh. There is an Army-run canteen at the top where you may have some tea if you would like. After crossing Khardung La, you will descend into Nubra Valley.

There are several towns here where you can find accommodation like Sumur, Panamik, Hunder or Diskit. Of all, I would recommend staying at Diskit because it has the most options in terms of hotels and guest houses. For accommodation in Nubra Valley, Please read Hotels and Guest Houses in Nubra Valley.

If you reached well in time, you may visit the monastery in Diskit, or go to Hunder to see the sand dunes and Bactrian camel. Roads are mostly good except for a rough patch around Khardung La top, between South and North Pullu. For a list of places that you should visit there, please read Tourist Attractions in Nubra Valley.

If you were traveling by public transport, then you will have to go to the Leh bus stand in the morning. Check if there is a bus available to Diskit on the day of your travel. If there is none, then there will definitely be shared taxis going to Diskit.

Day 4 – Nubra Valley

You should spend this day in Nubra Valley itself. If you read the article that I provided a link to above, you will know that there are a lot of places in Nubra Valley to keep you occupied throughout the day.

There are a few ways that you plan your sightseeing for today. You can go for a drive to Turtuk Village and see the last village on the Indian side of the border.

Before doing so, check out of your hotel in Diskit. After you have visited Turtuk, drive all the way back to Khalsar and from there, go to the other side of the valley, to the village of Panamik.

There is a hot water spring in Panamik that is worth visiting. You can also easily find a guesthouse or homestay in Panamik to spend your night here. You can also just skip Turtuk entirely, come straight to Panamik and go on a short trek to the Yarab Tso Lake.

Another thing you can do is to go to Turtuk directly on Day 3 and spend the night there. On Day 4, you can return to either Diskit or Panamik.

Either way, it will definitely be worth your time to spend another day in the valley. For a complete road map of Ladakh and the places that I spoke of above, please take a look at A Detailed Road Map of Ladakh.

Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

Day 5 – Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso

On this day, you will visit Pangong Tso Lake. For this, you do not have to go back to Leh and can head straight there taking the Agham Shyok road.

Irrespective of where you stayed on Day 4, you will first have to drive all the way back to the edge of the valley, to the village of Khalsar. Near Khalsar, the road will bifurcate and you need to turn on the one that goes towards Agham Village. Do not take the Khardung La road because that will bring you back to Leh.

At Agham Village, the road will bifurcate again and now you will have to turn left, towards Shyok Village. Review the map I mentioned above and all this will make much more sense.

After you have crossed Shyok Village, you will reach Durbuk, then Tangtse and from there, it is a straight drive to Pangong Lake.

Accommodation at Pangong can be campsites, wooden huts, chadar tents, or homestays in the villages of Spangmik, Man, and Merak. For a list of available options, please read Accommodation Choices at Pangong Tso.

Day 6 – Pangong Tso to Leh

You will come back to Leh on Day 6 from Pangong but by a different route. For the return journey, you will travel via Chang La Road. The drive is mostly straight on a good road until the top of the Chang La Pass where the road condition will deteriorate a little bit.

Chang La is famous as the third-highest motorable road in the world. After crossing Chang La, you will drive down to Sakti on the Manali Leh route and turn right towards Leh. On the way, you can also visit Thiksey Monastery.

pangong lake

Day 7 – Leh to Tso Moriri

Your next destination will be Tso Moriri Lake. The roads will be a mix of good, bad and ugly. You will once again take the Manali Leh highway until Upshi. From there, take the road toward Karzok via Chumathang and Sumdo.

The ugly part of the road will be between Sumdo and Karzok. Travel time will easily be around 8-9 hours. For public transport, you will once again have to ask for a bus at the Bus stand. If you could not find one, board a shared taxi.

At Karzok, you will easily find several guest houses and campsites and there is also the choice of a homestay. For a list of some recommended places, please read Hotels and Guest Houses at Tso Moriri.

Day 8 –  Tso Moriri to Leh

This will be the last day of your trip. Take a walk near the lake in the morning and leave for Leh a little early. I would recommend that you try reaching Leh town by 4 pm. This will give you a few hours in the evening for a last leisurely walk around the town before you go home the next day.

For the return journey, do not come back the same way to Chumathang. Rather, after Sumdo, take the road towards Tso Kar Lake and then return via Tanglang La Pass.

Day 9 – Fly Home

On the morning of Day 9, you will catch a flight home, marking an end to your 8 days trip to Leh Ladakh.

tso moriri lake

By Public Transport

The problem with the above itinerary was that it cannot be followed by public transport. There is no bus available on Agham Shyok Road. If you were lucky, you may find a cab in Diskit or hitchhike with some other tourists to go to Pangong. But if that did not work, you will have no other option but to return to Leh.

If you did get lucky and found a mode of transport from Nubra Valley to Pangong, then follow the itinerary above. Otherwise, your itinerary will change to the following.

  • Arrive in Leh – Day 1
  • Leh – Day 2
  • Leh to Nubra Valley – Day 3
  • Nubra Valley to Leh – Day 4
  • Leh to Pangong Lake – Day 5
  • Pangong Lake to Leh – Day 6
  • Leh to Tso Moriri – Day 7
  • Tso Moriri to Leh – Day 8
  • Fly Out – Day 9

This itinerary can be followed irrespective of the month you are traveling in. Your mode of travel also does not matter in this case.

Contrary to common belief, internal roads to Pangong, Nubra, and Tso Moriri remain open throughout the year. So even if you were going to Ladakh in winter, you can still follow this travel plan.

Also read: How to Plan Your Trip to Ladakh with Children

In peak tourist season, there is regular public transport available to all places in Ladakh. So whether you were traveling by bike, car, or bus, this itinerary will still apply. Even if there was no bus available matching your schedule, you will still be easily able to find a shared taxi going your way.

diskit monastery

Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary # 3

  • Arrive in Leh – Day 1
  • Leh to Kargil – Day 2
  • Kargil to Leh via Batalik – Day 3
  • Leh to Nubra Valley – Day 4
  • Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso – Day 5
  • Pangong Tso to Hanle – Day 6
  • Hanle to Karzok (Tso Moriri) – Day 7
  • Tso Moriri to Leh via Tso Kar – Day 8

This itinerary by far is my favorite as it covers the maximum number of areas. The problem however is that it cannot be considered if you are traveling by public transport. Some areas in this itinerary do not even have public transport available in any form, be it a bus or shared taxi.

If you want to follow this plan, you either have to be traveling by your own vehicle or will have to rent a taxi or motorcycle in Leh.

Day 1 – 5

On Day 1, you will arrive and rest in Leh. On Day 2, you will experience half of the Srinagar Leh highway. You will reach Kargil via Lamayuru, and stay there for the night.

On Day 3, you will return to Leh but this time, you will take a different route. From Kargil, travel via Batalik and Dha villages to reach Khaltse and come back to Leh. On Day 4, you will reach Nubra Valley and stay at Diskit for the night.

On Day 5, from Diskit, you will reach Khalsar and take a short detour from there towards Panamik to see some more of Nubra Valley. There is a hot water spring at Panamik and a dip in the water here is highly recommended.

From Panamik, return to Khalsar and take the direct road to Pangong Tso via Agham and Shyok villages. Traveling right next to Shyok River, this road will see you at the banks of Pangong in about 5-6 hours.

Also read: Mobile Network in Ladakh & Data Connectivity

Day 6 – 8

On Day 6, take the road towards Chushul from Pangong and continue towards Loma village. At Loma, register yourself at the check post and turn on the diversion towards Hanle village. There are a couple of guesthouses in Hanle where you can spend the night.

On Day 7, From Hanle, return to Loma once again and now take the road towards Sumdo via Nyoma and Mahe. After Sumdo, it is a straight 55-kilometer run to Tso Moriri.

On Day 8, from Karzok (Tso Moriri), return to Sumdo and then take the road towards Tso Kar via Polokongka La. You will travel through More plains and after visiting Tso Kar, exit on Manali Leh highway just after Pang, near Debring. The road from there then will take you across Tanglang La and arrive at Leh.

Also read: Clothes for Ladakh Trip: What to Pack

Things to Remember

This as I mentioned is probably the best itinerary but also needs several things to be considered. One is of course about the public transport that I mentioned. You need to have a vehicle of your own or a rented one.

The second is fuel. Once you leave Leh, there is no other petrol station anywhere. So you will have to carry an ample amount of fuel to last the entire circuit.

The third is road conditions. You will be traveling on some badly broken roads and will have to review both your own driving/riding skills and your vehicle’s capabilities. The last concern is of the dogs in the region about which you can read more at The Beasts Of Changthang Valley.

kargil war memorial

Zanskar & Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

If you have been to Ladakh before and wanted to cover Zanskar this time, then you can travel like this.

  • Arrive in Leh – Day 1
  • Leh to Kargil – Day 2
  • Kargil to Padum – Day 3
  • Padum – Day 4
  • Padum to Kargil – Day 5
  • Kargil to Leh via Batalik – Day 6
  • Leh City sightseeing – Day 7
  • Fly Out – Day 8

Kashmir & Ladakh 8 Days Itinerary

If you wanted to cover a bit of Kashmir as well, then you can fly into Leh city and fly out of Srinagar; hence covering Srinagar Leh highway and places like Kargil, Drass, and Sonamarg on the way.

  • Arrive in Leh – Day 1
  • Leh to Diskit to Leh – Day 2
  • Day trip to Pangong to Leh – Day 3
  • Leh to Kargil – Day 4
  • Kargil to Sonamarg and trip to Thajiwas Glacier – Day 5
  • Sonamarg to Srinagar and sightseeing in Srinagar city – Day 6
  • Srinagar to Gulmarg to Srinagar – Day 7
  • Fly Out – Day 8

Ladakh 8 days itinerary – Conclusion

I hope the information above on Ladakh 8 days itinerary was of help. These are of course just a few examples of numerous ways that your journey can be tweaked.  If you have any questions, you can contact me on Instagram and I will be happy to answer. You can also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and asking a question there.

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dinesh gupta May 26, 2023 - 9:29 am

hi vargis sir, got introduced to your site from my jeep car group friend from delhi, thanks to him for it…and a big thank you for this so helpful site

I plan to visit let Ladakh on 5th June till 12 th June , will land in leh on 5th, could u please help me set my itenary . below one is suggested by my cab service provider
I need reduce this below tour by 1 day , could u suggest what should done , is this tour nice and well planned or any changes needed , also could u suggest best hotels to book as per itinerary
Day 1: Leh

Indus valley to Lamayuru (2-day tour)

Day 2: drive from Leh to Lamayuru monastery via Alchi monastery

Day 3: drive back to Leh

Nubra valley with Turtuk and Panamik (3-day tour)

Day 4: drive from Leh to Nubra valley

Day 5: visit Turtuk village

Day 6: visit Panamik and drive back to Leh

Pangong lake (2-day tour)

Day 7: drive from Leh to Pangong lake

Day 8: drive back to Leh via Hemis monastery

Departure from Leh

Day 9: departure from Leh

thanks in advance

Vargis.Khan May 27, 2023 - 6:53 am

Hi Dinesh – You should plan like this bhai. That cab service provider is just wasting ur time

1. Leh
2. Leh to Hunder
3. Hunder to Turtuk to Hunder
4. Hunder to Pangong Lake
5. Pangong to Hanle
6. Hanle to Tso Moriri
7. Tso Moriri to Leh
8. Rest in Leh, go for a sightseeing toward Lamayuru, return by evening
9. Departure

There are a couple of contacts I have provided on the contact me page. Please try talking to them and see if they are able to get you a good dea.

maaz July 4, 2022 - 8:51 pm

Hello Vargis, thank you for providing such priceless information and making it easy for all of us. I quickly wanted to check if it is safe for a couple to explore Laddakh on a bike. We are aware of the patchy roads but apart from that is it fine for us to ride alone? We will be flying to Leh and renting a bike for the next 8-9 days. Thank you!

Sameer Soman May 8, 2022 - 4:57 am

Hi Vargis,
Your blogs on Leh Ladakh are very detailed and informative. Thank you so much.
I am planning a trip to Leh Ladakh in late Aug / early Sept, and I am planning to fly into Srinagar then drive to Leh (via Kargil). Once in Leh, I wanted to spend 3 nights in Leh, followed by 1 night (2 days) in Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso, again followed by either 2 or 3 nights in Leh and fly out of Leh. So other than Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso, I will have to do rest everything with a base at Leh. Can you suggest how I should plan that part (base in Leh, but still be able to see other areas in Leh Ladakh area).
Thank you much.

Vargis.Khan May 10, 2022 - 7:44 am

Thank you Sameer. How are you planning to travel from Srinagar to Leh and then travel around in Ladakh?

Sameer Soman May 17, 2022 - 11:07 am

I will have a private car (will be booking one in Srinagar till Leh and another one for all travel within Leh).

Vargis.Khan May 18, 2022 - 7:23 am

Sorry I am a little confused brother. How many days do you have in total from landing in Srinagar Day 1 to flying out of Leh, Day …?

Let me know and I can suggest a travel plan.

Sameer Soman May 23, 2022 - 7:52 am

Sorry for confusion. I have total of 10 days – current plan is to land in Srinagar on 3rd Sept and fly out of Leh on 12 Sept.

Swarup Roy September 7, 2021 - 8:14 pm

We r a grp of 4 adults and 2 childs aged 5 and 14, and planning to visit Ladakh on 11th October. Wanted to cover Leh, Nubra, Pangong and Kargil in 8 days.
Would u care making a itinerary for us and advice the journey?

Rajkamal Rathore September 25, 2021 - 7:49 am

vargihs bhai reply nahi de rhe hai, aap chale jao bhagwan ka naam lekar. m bhi yahi kar rha hu

Vargis.Khan November 4, 2021 - 9:46 am

Sorry Bhai … Main khud hi trip par tha since August … just returned home

Shubham March 5, 2021 - 8:32 pm

Hi Vargis got below plan from one of the planner need your thoughts on it
They r charging 21k for one person we r total 4 person
Leh – Sham Valley – Nubra Valley O/N – Tur Tuk Village – Pangong Lake O/N – Thiksey Monasteries – Leh

Duration06 Nights / 07 Days
Max. Attitude5604m/18380ft
Best TimeMay to Sep
Day 01: – Arrive at Leh Airport 3505 meters / 11567 feet.
Arrive at Kushok Bakula airport Leh – 3500m above sea level. Transfer to hotel, Half Day at rest for acclimatization. After Lunch drive to Visit Shanti Stupa & Leh Palace, Later in the evening walk around local market. Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel in Leh
Day 02: – Sham Valley Tour
After breakfast leave for the full day sightseeing of Indus & Zanskar river Sangam, drive along the Indus river visiting, Pathar Sahib Gurdwara and Magnetic Hill(where the cars defy gravity) Spituk Monastery (The site of Spituk was blessed by the Arhat Nyimagung)and Hall of Fame (which has a museum of the Kargil War memorabilia) Dinner and Over Night at the Hotel in Leh. 
Day 03: – Leh – Khardungla Pass 18380 Ft. – Nubra Valley and Hundur – Drive 130 Kms 4/5hr.
After Breakfast drive to Nubra Valley via Khardungla (Highest Motorable road in the World, 18,380 ft) Arrive at Hundur by Afternoon. Rest of the day, Post lunch free to explore Deskit Monastery, Hunder Villages and camel Safari in Sand Dunes between Deskit and Hunder Village, Overnight stay at the camp
Day 04:- Nubra/Hunder  Nubra – Turtuk  –  Hunder/Nubra 90 km (Last Village of India)
Morning After Breakfast Leave from Nubra Valley towards to Turtuk Village. A remote village of about 4,000 residents, inhabited by ethnic Muslims, a few kilometres from the ‘line of control’ (the de facto border) between India and Pakistan on the Indian side. Until 1971 a part of Baltistan, shared strong economic and cultural ties with Tibet. The residents speak Baltistani, and some Ladakhi and English.  And Late Return Back To Nubra Valley for Night Stay
Day 05: – Nubra Valley – Pangong Lake it is the highest land locked lake (180 Kms on way from Leh 06/08 Hrs dr. 
Early Morning after breakfast we leave for Pangong Lake through Changla pass 5486 Mtrs. via Wari La/Shyok Route Pangong Lake, situated at 14,000 feet (4,267 m). A long narrow basin of inland drainage, hardly six to seven kilometre at its widest point and over 130km long, it is bisected by the international border between India and China. A few years back the government decided to open it to tourists though the lake and its surrounding is under army surveillance. Enjoy the landscape in the back drop of the Lake. One rarely feels so close to nature and environment and the scenery is unforgettable, overnight stay at the camp
Day 06: – Pangong Lake – Leh – 150 Kms 5 Hrs Drive
After Breakfast drive back to Leh En-route Visit Thiksey Monastery. Later Walk around Leh Market, Overnight stay at Hotel.
Day 07: – Depart Leh – Kushok Bakula Airport
Morning after breakfast, transfer to airport board your flight towards Destination Covered, to enjoy yet again, a beautiful flight over the great Himalayas

Rate: 21000 perperson  

Air fare excluding
Package Includes:-

• Accommodation in Deluxe room on Double/twin sharing.

• 03 Nights stay at Leh Ladakh.

• 02 Night Stay at Nubra Valley.

• 01 Night Stay at Pangong Lake.

• Transfer and Sightseeing as per the below tour Itinerary by Non A/C Vehicle.

• Welcome drink on arrival.

• Meals MAPAI (Breakfast And Dinner)

• Transport by Private Xylo/XUV/Toyota Innova & Tempo Traveler.

• (02 – 07 Pax in Small SUV Cabs above 08 Pax onward Vehicle will be Tempo Traveler).

• Vehicle Can be used for any medical Emergency

• Dimox Tablet Strip Provided On Arrival (High Altitude Sickness Tablets)

• All toll taxes, driver’s allowances, Fuel charges, interstate permit if necessary and all taxes.

• Inner line Permission & Wild Life Fee

• Environmental fee

• Oxygen Cylinder Will be Provided On Request Basis for A Trip (TNC*)

Price Does Not Include:

• Any sightseeing or excursion that is not mentioned in the itinerary.

• Monument, Guide, other expenses not mentioned in inclusion.

• Any item of personal requirement, such as drinks, laundry, telephone, etc.

• Any medical or evacuation expenses.

• Any expenses occur due to natural climate, security and other unexpected reason.  

• Any claim due to road blocks, curfew, accident etc.

• Any type of insurance – personal, medical, travel etc.

• Any other services’ not specified in the Colum “Inclusions”.

• All kind of personal expenses such as tips, laundry, telephone bills and beverages, Camera Fees.

• Cable Car Tickets, Air Fare, Any meals unless and otherwise specifically mentioned.

• No refund on any unused transportation or any services in any circumstances.

• If the GST Bill Required Then 5% GST will be charged on total billing

Payment Term Conditions:

➢ 30% Advance to confirm the reservation.

➢ 40% Payment on Arrival at Leh/Srinagar/Manali.

➢ Balance Payment before Departure of Trip at Leh/Srinagar/Malani.

Regional Facts: 
Average Altitude: 3505 metres
Population: 27500 and 117000 of the complete Leh District comprising of 112 odd villages
Local Languages: Ladakhi, Hindi, Urdu, Balti, Shina, Tibetan, English
ATM’s Available: HDFC/J&K/SBI (Still advisable to carry Hard Cash) 
Networks: Only POSTPAID Airtel and BSNL are present there; others please check your operator’s collaboration
Average Temperature: Max 30 / Min -3 Summer Temperatures
Max -10 / Min -25 Winter Temperatures
Strong Suggestions in Leh:
Warm wear: Main Bazaar
Tibetan Handicrafts and items: Main Bazaar
Bakery must haves: German Bakery
Coffee shops: German Bakery 
Dreamland Restaurant offers Indian, Continental and Chinese/Tibetan variants at its best. 
Tibetan Kitchen offers Chinese/Tibetan variants at its best.
Buy handmade cheese at German Bakery 

srinivasan laligam July 8, 2019 - 11:33 pm

Need local car for hire/driver recommendations. Planning a trip from Jul 30 to Aug 6(Leh, Ladakh) and following the 7 day itinerary provided above. Thanks for all great info and maintaining very useful info

Vargis.Khan July 9, 2019 - 6:04 pm

Please contact Nasir @ 9906229203

Priyanka April 5, 2019 - 6:53 pm

Hi vargis

I would appreciate if you provide information about Dha -Hanu village. Is it worthful to visit. I plan to visit pangong , Nubra vally, Zanskar. Please best iternity for us.

Please suggest how we book a taxi (safe and not too expensive), we are two person visiting leh.

Should we book any hotel or camp in pangong in advance? Or let us know how to arrange our stay when reached pangong and Nubra Vally?



Rima Chatterjee April 4, 2019 - 7:35 am

Hi Vargis,

I am very happy about your blog, it is like a book to me –

I am planning my trip like below, what is your suggestion –

Not covering Lamayuru ,don’t know exactly about it.

If you suggest we are missing any important part , we can add or alter this one.

Day 1 Arrive in Leh, Short tour of Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa and market
Day 2 Tour of Sangam, alchi, magnetic hill, gurudwara, HoF
Day 3 Leh to Nubra via Khardung La
Day 4 Nubra to Turtuk and back to Hundar
Day 5 Hundar to Pangong
Day 6 Pangong to Leh
Day 7 Rafting at Zanskar river
Day 8 Fly out of Leh


Vargis.Khan April 4, 2019 - 6:55 pm

Thank you Rima – This is a great itinerary, no change required.

Jeh October 24, 2018 - 3:06 am

Hi Vargis, firstly, I must say your blog is a gem, thank you!
Undoubtedly it’s a blessing for travelers planning a Ladakhi trip.

We are a couple travelling to Ladakh from 23-31 March 2019.
I think we might want to share taxi with other tourist or perhaps rent a bike as hiring taxi is way too expensive.

This is our initial plan, and I wonder:
1. Is this itinerary workable?
2. Can we share taxi from Nubra to Tso Moriri without going back to Leh?
3. If we wanted to visit monastery which is more than 20km away from Leh, should we rent a bike or it’s advisable to share taxi? Or we can catch a taxi places by places (eg. Leh-Stok-Stakna-Hemis)?
4. We are saving the first day for Leh to acclimatize, and 2 days to roam around Leh without having a packed itinerary, do you have better recommendations?

Day 1 – Arrive in Leh
Day 2 – Leh
Day 3 – Leh to Lamayuru
Day 4 – Lamayuru to Leh
Day 5 – Leh to Nubra
Day 6 – Nubra to Tso Moriri
Day 7 – Tso Moriri to Leh
Day 8 – Leh

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks much for this essential information!

Dheeraj October 24, 2018 - 3:19 am

Hi Jeh,
It’s impossible to cover Nubra to Tso Moriri in one day.
It better you split journey of your Day 6 at Pangong.
Day 6- Nubra to Pangong
Day 7- Pangong to Tso Moriri (Leave as early as possible)
Day 8- Tso Moriri to Leh

My recommendation is comeplete the circuit of Nubra Pangong Tso Moriri by Day 7

I am not sure whether roads will be in good condition in the month of March.

Jeh October 24, 2018 - 3:48 am

Hey Vargis,

Thanks! I was actually thinking to just go to Tso Moriri without Pangong Tso, can we do that directly from Nubra?
I’m not sure how the road condition is in last week of Mrach, but hopefully we find a way. 🙂

Vargis.Khan October 24, 2018 - 6:37 am

Hi Jeh – Nubra to Tso Moriri means you will first have to come back to Leh and then go to Moriri, easily about 13-14 hours of journey minimum.

Vargis.Khan October 24, 2018 - 6:38 am

Thanks Dheeraj Bhai

Vargis.Khan October 24, 2018 - 6:40 am

Hi Jeh,

1. Except for Nubra to Moriri direct, rest is doable.
2. You are going too early in the season meaning less number of tourists and lesser number of shared taxis
3. For places nearby, you should rent a bike
4. Only change I will suggest is to add another day or give up Moriri.

Jeh October 24, 2018 - 6:59 am

Okay! Thank you. We take your advice! 🙂
Only issues is – it’s off season and shared taxi is limited but we will see how when we got there.

Vargis.Khan October 24, 2018 - 8:42 am

Yep. Finding a shared cab could be tough. You may have to opt for renting a bike.

Dheeraj September 20, 2018 - 4:32 am

Hi Vargis,
Very informative blog you have.
I am planning a trip to Leh with 4 of my friends this year. We are reaching on 27th September early morning and our return flight is on 4th October morning. Effectively we have 7 days in hand. We want to cover Pangong, Nubra and Tsomoriri. Can you suggest a good itnirerary with possible route based on current road conditions.

Vargis.Khan September 20, 2018 - 4:18 pm

How will you be traveling locally in Ladakh Dheeraj? A private cab?

Dheer September 20, 2018 - 4:11 am

Your blog is very informative. I am planning a trip to Leh and need some advise from you.
I will land in Leh on 27th September early morning and will be leaving on 4th October morning. So effectively I have 7 days in hand.
I want to know the best possible route to cover Pangong, Nubra and Tsomoriri during this trip. Please advise.

Vargis.Khan September 20, 2018 - 4:18 pm

How will you be traveling llocally in Ladakh Dheeraj? A private cab?

Dheeraj September 20, 2018 - 5:28 pm

Currently I am planning to take two bikes from Leh. We will be accompanied by our wife’s as pillion rider. However I have not done any booking as I am aware of Leh city. Have been there in 2013 with 4 of my friends.

Dheeraj September 20, 2018 - 5:35 pm

As per current plan (27th Sep to 4th October)
Day 1- Leh Local Sites after getting ILP
Day 2- Nubra – (will go to Diskit and then Hinder, then will go to panamik via Sumur)
Day 3- Panamik to Pangong (stay Spangmik) via Shyok
Day 4- Pangong (Spangmik) to Karzok via Kakasang la
Day 5 – Karzok to Leh via Tso Kar route
Day 6- You can suggest to add on above mentioned itinerary if you feel is required.
Day 7- Leh Locals again
Day 8- Leave at 9:00 AM from Leh airport

Vargis.Khan September 20, 2018 - 6:53 pm

Kakasang La is going to be tough on a rented bike and with a pillion. I wouldn’t recommend it. Better would be Pangong to Hanle and Hanle to Karzok. Adjust your Day 6 there in between.

Surya August 19, 2018 - 8:10 am

Hi vargis firstly ur doing a great job and I read every blog of urs…I am planning for leh in the month of November have 15 days with me and want to travel by road from srinagar….Firstly I would like to know will the zozila pass be open in November first week…..Rest all info I have from ur blog…Pls advice me I would be greatful to u. Thank u

Okif June 14, 2018 - 7:45 am

How much snow might we find in Mid of July 2018

Vargis.Khan June 14, 2018 - 1:43 pm

Not much, just a little bit at top of the passes.

Ajay April 4, 2018 - 5:59 am

Hi Vargis,

I am planning to travel Leh for ~11-12 days in middle of May with my family (wife, daughter – 13 years and son – 3 years). I will fly from Jammu to Leh and then will take flight from Leh to Delhi. Can you please suggest itinerary for 11-12 days? I am planning to rent a car for all days. Do I need to book hotels in advance? Please guide me about the permits and any link for booking permit online.

Warm Regards

Vargis.Khan April 5, 2018 - 2:13 am

Hi Ajay,

You only need Inner Line Permits, procedure for which I have explained at the link below. Please take a look. Where are you renting the taxi from? Leh or Srinagar?

Ajay April 5, 2018 - 3:17 am

Hi Vargis,

We will rent the taxi at Leh. Since I am travelling with younger son who will be 2 years 10 months old next month, will it be safe for him to travel such a high altitude?

Please help to make a suitable itinerary for ~11-12 days and also suggest good hotel / tent house in each place.

Warm Regards

Vargis.Khan April 5, 2018 - 2:07 pm

Hi Ajay,

About your son, yes you can bring him to Ladakh. Please take a look at the article below. I have mentioned a few tips here about going to Ladakh with kid. This can be of help.

About taxi and accommodation, please contact Nasir in Leh at 9906229203. He runs his own taxi there, is a good driver and reliable fellow. Give my reference and he will quote you a discounted price. Let him know your requirements and he can also help you with good accommodation during your trip. If you are able to negotiate a deal with him, he will take care of your itinerary as well, best way to be traveling around.

Let me know how it goes with him. If it doesn’t work out, I will suggest alternate options.

efwe March 22, 2018 - 8:17 am

Hi Vargis,

We’ll visit Ladakh at 3rd week of June 18. Here our itinerary :

Day 1: June 14th arrive at Leh – rest day
Day 2: Leh to Lamayuru and Leh
Day 3: Leh to Nubra valley via Shyok
Day 4: Nubra to Pangong
Day 5: Pangong to Tso Moriri (Karzok) via Loma
Day 6: Tso Moriri to Leh
Day 7: Leh
Day 8: Leh
Day 9: Flight to Delhi

Our first plan was follow your 3rd option above. But then we realize that we can’t go to Hanle as foreigner, aren’t we ?
So, we cut Pangong to Hanle, Hanle to Tso Moriri and change Pangong to Tso Moriri via chushul loma nyoma mahe. And the question are:
– is it do able for day 5 but to long ? if yes, where the best we can stop.
– option chushul to mahe via kaksang la are possible (road condition, permit etc) or not
– although we have PAP for the above area, we still need permit to pass road from pangong to nyoma via chushul and loma, right ? where we have to get the permit ? In chushul check point or loma ?

Day 5: Pangong to Leh
Day 6: Leh to Tso Moriri via Tso Kar
Day 7: Tso Moriri to Leh
Day 8: Leh
Day 9: Flight to Delhi

Frankly, we prefer back to Leh at the end of or tour. But maybe you have better suggestion for us.

Vargis.Khan March 22, 2018 - 6:26 pm

Hi Efwe,

Actually, foreign nationals are not allowed beyong Pangong Tso so you cannot even do Chushul, Loma, Nyoma route. That area is extremely close to China border and for security reasons, permits for this are only issued to Indian nationals. You will have to travel in the following manner.

Leh to Nubra Valley
Nubra Valley to Pangong via Shyok road (There is no public transport available on this route so I am assuming you renting bikes or private taxi)
Pangong to Leh
Leh to Tso Moriri via Chumathang
Tso Moriri to Leh via Tso Kar

efwe March 23, 2018 - 1:14 am

Thank you for clear information about Chusul Loma Nyoma section.
And you suggest that Leh to Tso Moriri via Cumathang, then back to Leh via Tso Kar, any reasons ?
Also, how about accommodation in June, especially at Pangong and Tso Moriri. Do we need advance booking ? While some people said unnecessary, but others said it was necessary since June began to enter peak season.

Vargis.Khan March 26, 2018 - 4:29 pm

These are two different roads efwe, so go by one and return by another to explore more. No need to book accommodation anywhere, you will easily find it in June at all the places.

EFWE June 28, 2018 - 1:44 am

Hi Vargis,

We did our Ladakh tour on mid June. Some points :
– No problem with PAP process
– Some snow still present at Khardung La and Chang La. And a day after we back to Leh, we informed the pass closed in the morning due to weather (it was rain at Leh too)
– Sand flew to the air at Nubra during the day due to strong wind, but clear in the afternoon
– Shyok road good in general, even some section have new asphalt. Only view section still dirt mainly after Agam and also have cross water in some point. But as the road lies between cliff and river, it would be better check the road situation at Agam, because there is any possibility avalanche occurs.
– Recommended to stay at Man or further to Merak rather Spangmik. More quiet and good view.
– Chang La to Sakti road, and Leh to Mahe road before Cumathang under maintenance. Should be finished if there wasn’t something wrong
– Tso Moriri feel better than Pangong, because not too much people and more natural.
– Tso Kar seems to be getting dry
– Overall on Mid June, busies tourist at : Leh, Sham Valley, Nubra Valley and Pangong. But east area (Tso Moriri, Tso Kar up to Loma bend) still quiet.

Thank you for your helpful blog.

Vargis.Khan June 28, 2018 - 3:00 pm

Thanks so much for updating this information here Efwe. Do share some pics of your travel if possible.

Vatsal Deshlahra March 13, 2018 - 8:35 am

Hi Vargis. I really liked your blog, its very informative. I want to know more about the dangers of these dogs in any other regions of ladakh.

Vargis.Khan March 13, 2018 - 3:49 pm

Thanks Vatsal. It is not so much in tourist areas like Leh city, Nubra, Pangong or Moriri. The Chushul route is a bit isolated so its more of a risk there, nowhere else.

B M PARMAR Watsapp No 99799 71294 December 3, 2017 - 3:03 am

Good and important information

Vargis.Khan December 3, 2017 - 8:06 pm

Thanks Mr. Parmar


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