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If you think about it, there is actually no definite answer to the question of the best time to visit Solang Valley. Why? Because it will entirely depend on the reason for your visit which will be different for everyone. And not just Solang Valley, but this theory actually applies to every tourist destination. When to go will entirely depend on what you want to see and do there. Some other factors like mode of travel, who are you traveling with and budget limitations too play a part.

With that being said, there is a certain time of the year when every destination receives the majority of its share of tourists. This is usually considered the best time to be there because it suits the majority of the people. Weather is usually the driving factor behind it. When we talk about Solang Valley, it is the months of December and January and then April to June that can be called as the best time to go to Solang Valley. But with this time suit you as well? Read on to find out.

Please note that in this post, I am only talking about the weather of Solang Valley and the best season to be there. If you want to get more details like how to reach there, where to stay, what to see then I will urge you to read How to Plan a Trip to Solang Valley – A Complete Travel Guide.

Best Time to Visit Solang Valley

About Solang Valley

Solang Valley is about 14 kilometers from Manali and is the area between Palchan and Beas Kund. From Manali, you will start driving towards Rohtang Pass and will reach the village of Palchan 11 kilometers later. The road will bifurcate at Palchan. The one to your right will go towards Rohtang Pass and the one to your left will take you to Solang Village, 5 kilometers from Palchan. The road actually continues further for another 8 kilometers after Solang Village and ends at the mouth of the Rohtang Tunnel near Dhundi.

Weather in Solang Valley

To understand the best time to visit Solang Valley, let us take a look at how the weather trends here throughout the year.

Solang Valley in Winter

Winters in Solang Valley are long and take up almost half of the year. Should you visit in winter or not depends on how comfortable you are with cold weather. During January and February, the temperature drops down to 0 and even further below. The entire valley turns white and people start arriving to enjoy snow and winter sports like Skiing. You will find a lot of families as well as honeymooning couples here at this time.

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Solang Valley in October

October marks the arrival of the Autumn season and winter starts to settle in by end of the month. All that was green in September turns Golden Orange at this time, making the valley look magical. The average maximum temperature in October goes up to 13 °C whereas the average minimum remains around 3 °C. It is a good time to visit especially if Rohtang Pass was on your itinerary. It does not snow in the lower areas in October but Rohtang starts receiving snow in October itself. There will be a definite chill in the wind and you will need your woolens for planning a trip at this time.

Solang Valley in November

November is an overall bad month to go because the weather at this time is dry and cold. Vistas will look dull and there won’t even be any snow around, not in the lower areas at least. The average maximum temperature will be around 5 °C maximum and -3 °C minimum. This, however, is a good time for anyone on a limited budget. There will not be many tourists around at this time and you will have a better chance of getting a good deal at the hotels.

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Solang Valley in December

December is when it starts to snow in the valley and tourists start arriving. Historically though, it snows only after the 15th or 20th of the month. Snowfall in the early part of the month is extremely rare. The average maximum temperature in December remains to be around 5 °C and minimum at -3 °C. November and December are the driest time of the year and the overall scenery gets kind of boring until it starts to snow towards the end of December.

snowfall in solang valley

Solang Valley in January

This is the coldest time of the year and January is when the valley receives the highest amount of snow. The road, however, remains open throughout the month and you will have no problem getting here. Rohtang Pass in January remains closed so that will be off the limits. The farthest you can go is till the Gulaba Check post but not beyond that.

The average maximum temperature in January is 2 °C and the average minimum is -5 °C. It can however sometimes drop even further down to -10 °C. It can snow anytime and the entire valley turns white, presenting a captivating view. A lot of people arrive to indulge in winter sports like Skiing or just to enjoy the snow. You must pack heavy winter clothes for a trip at this time accompanied by warm gloves, socks, monkey caps, and thermals as well.

Solang Valley in February

The weather in February remains quite the same as January but the intensity and frequency of snowfall decrease. The amount of snow on the ground is, however, more in the earlier part of the month. The average maximum and minimum temperature will be the same as January. Rohtang Pass will still be off-limits and you will definitely need heavy woolens for a trip in February. This is a great time for planning your honeymoon in Manali or Solang Valley.

Solang Valley in March

Things start to warm up a bit in March and the snow starts melting. The average maximum temperature increases to 8 °C and the average minimum temperature comes up to -2 °C. Weather at this time is more of a pleasant cold rather than being an uncomfortable one. Snow vanishes by end of March and marks the beginning of the Spring season. This is another good month to plan a honeymoon here. Chances of snowfall will still remain, though less. You will still need to pack all your warm clothes and prepare yourself for the cold weather.

Solang Valley in Summer

The summers of Solang Valley are pleasant and last from April to June. This is when the valley receives the highest amount of visitors. The weather remains to be enjoyable with warm days and moderately cool nights. You will have clear views and sunny skies. Paragliding is the most favorite adventure activity that tourists enjoy at this time. Let us take a look at all three months of the summer. This is when most of the families plan a vacation here.

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Solang Valley in April

April is the time of the spring season and the weather in this month is at its best. Days will be pleasantly cold and nights bearably cold. The average minimum temperature at this time is about 4 °C and the average maximum goes up to 17 °C. You will still need to pack warm clothes but not heavy woolens. Snow is mostly all gone from the lower areas but if you were lucky, you may catch a live snowfall in the first 10 days of the month. Rohtang Pass too gets declared open in April.

Solang Valley in May

The average maximum temperature in May rises further to 18 °C and the average minimum hovers around 6 °C. This is the time when the valley receives the maximum number of tourists and can sometimes even start to feel a bit crowded. With vacations on in the schools, you will find a lot of families in Solang Valley and Manali as well. Pack your regular cotton clothes for a trip at this time with a light jacket for mornings and evenings.

snowfall in solang valley

Solang Valley in June

The weather at this time remains mostly the same as May. The average maximum temperature will be around 22 °C and the minimum at 10°C. There will still be a lot of tourists around especially with Rohtang Pass getting opened in the previous months. You will also find a lot of tourists heading towards Ladakh and Spiti on the route. The region also starts to experience pre-monsoon showers towards the end of the month.

Solang Valley in Monsoon

Monsoon season is mostly considered to be a bad time to visit Manali or Solang Valley. This entire region receives heavy rainfall each year, sometimes enough to cause landslides and block roads. It is highly possible that you came to visit but were forced to remain indoors because it kept raining all the time. In 2019, entire Mandi got almost washed out due to heavy rains. So please check the weather forecast before you leave home.

On a positive side though, it is also the time when the entire valley comes alive with flora and fauna. Mountains get covered under a carpet of green and the landscape turns dreamy with clouds floating by. It would seem as if the entire Solang Valley has been washed clean and decorated with flowers of numerous colors and kinds.

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Solang Valley in July

The average temperature will be around 22 °C maximum and 12 °C minimum. It can rain anytime and sometimes can continue to rain all day long at regular intervals. There will still be tourists around and you will find a lot of bikers heading towards Ladakh and Spiti. If you are ready to risk the rain and are into photography, then this is the best time to visit Solang Valley for you. The captures you will get at this time will be truly amazing.

Solang Valley in August

The weather in August will mostly remain to be the same as July. The average temperature will be around 22 °C maximum and 12 °C minimum. The vistas will be lush green and you will find numerous waterfalls and water streams around.

The number of tourists will be less and it is a good time for anyone traveling on a shoestring budget because you will be able to get better deals in the hotels. For a trip in July and August, carry clothes that can dry faster, like polyester. Waterproof shoes or rubber sandals will come in really handy. If you were traveling on a bike, ensure that you waterproof everything, including yourself.

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Solang Valley in September

September marks the end of monsoon season and is my favorite time to visit Solang Valley. This month has everything to offer that July and August do but without the risk of the rain. Monsoon will be gone but will leave plenty of lush green vistas for you to enjoy. The number of tourists too will not be that high. The average maximum temperature will drop a little to 17 °C maximum and the minimum will come down to 9 °C.

Best time to visit Solang Valley

Now based on the information above, I believe it is safe to say that the best time to visit Solang Valley is either in January, April or September. May, June, and February will be the next best months to go. You may want to avoid these times though if you are not too fond of the crowd.

For a budget trip, plan in July, August or November. For photography, plan in January, July, August or September. If you do not like cold weather; do not go between October to March. If you do not want to risk the rain, avoid July or August. If you want to go when there aren’t many people around; plan between July to November. For a family trip, plan in April, May or June.

Best time to visit Solang Valley for Snow

The best time to visit Solang Valley for snow will be January and early February.

snowfall in solang valley

Best Month to visit Solang Valley

January, April and September are the best months to visit Solang Valley.

Best Season to visit Solang Valley

Spring Season is the best to go to Solang Valley. If you wanted to see snow, then you will have to plan in winters of course.

Best time to visit Solang Valley – Conclusion

I hope the information above on the best time to visit Solang Valley was of help. If you have any questions; or need any other details; please feel free to ask in the comments section below; or at our Community Forum; and I will be glad to answer.

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