Srinagar to Jammu to Delhi by Road

by Vargis.Khan

I woke up that morning with a heavy heart. For the next 2 days, we were going to be driving back from Srinagar to Jammu to Delhi. A trip that covered most of Kashmir was finally coming to an end. None of us wanted it to end but we had no choice but to return home.

We initially planned this trip for only 2 weeks but it ended up turning much longer. A couple of places that we wanted to visit got left out and several others that we did not include in our itinerary got added later.

Journey So Far:

This was the longest trip of our lives, one that will remain etched in our memories forever. More than a trip, it was also an experience. This was the first time when we carried out work from home on the road.

Sadly enough, both the experience and the fun were coming to an end. The next 2 days were going to be just a long journey home.

Saturday & Sunday – Srinagar to Jammu to Delhi

We woke up to a cloudy morning. It was raining all day on Friday as well. I was hoping the weather will clear on Saturday but it did not. We already had our luggage packed but had to wait for the rain to subside a little so we could load it in the car.

But no matter how long we waited, the rain continued. We had a light breakfast, loaded our luggage while getting wet, bid goodbye to our host in Srinagar, and started the return journey by 7 am.

There is not much to write about the return journey really. While going to Srinagar, we traveled by the Mughal road. But for the return journey, we decided to travel by NH44.

It kept raining for the next few hours and the sky only cleared after we crossed Patnitop. We drove non-stop for the most part of the journey and only stopped at a couple of places to get something to eat.

By 2 pm, we were in Jammu and checked into Hotel One Earth Trinetar. It was the same hotel that we stayed at while going to Srinagar. But the feeling this time was different. While we were excited and happy at that time, now we were just sad and depressed.

On Sunday as well, we started at 7 am from Jammu and reached our homes by 6 pm.


That was our return journey from Srinagar to Jammu to Delhi. I hope you liked the travelogue and it was of help in planning your trip to Kashmir. If you have any questions, you can contact me on Instagram and I will be happy to answer. You can also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and asking a question there.

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