Munsiyari Travel Guide – How to Plan your Trip and Explore

by Vargis.Khan

I was once asked by a friend to suggest him some of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. I was not really able to answer this question then and I do not think I have an answer to it still. Why? Because the entire state is a tourist destination in itself. You can start driving in any direction and every town or village you come across can be termed as a tourist spot. What is more? All of these places are equally scenic and picking one over another is really tough. Some of these are very well known like Mussorie, Rishikesh, Nainital, Dehradun, and Gangotri, etc. However, there are numerous other tiny hamlets that may be smaller in size but are a giant in natural beauty. One such offbeat and lesser known town of Uttarakhand that I will talk about in this post is Munsiyari.

Located about 100 kilometers from India Nepal border, Munsiyari is one of those places that is bound to leave you charmed and wanting to come back for more. Nestled in the snow-capped peaks at an altitude 2,298 meters, it is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurous souls; offering splendid vistas and mesmerizing views all around. The name Munsiyari literally translates as “Place with snow” due to which, it is often termed as “Little Kashmir”. It also serves as a base for trekking to Milam and Ralam Glaciers and Nanda Devi peak; and a center for skiing and other winter sports.

Below is a quick navigation menu of details on Munsiyari that we will be covering in this article.

Know Munsiyari

Where is Munsiyari Located?

Munsiyari is located at a distance of 135 kilometers from Pithoragarh, 200 kilometers from Almora and about 600 kilometers from Delhi. It is considered as the gateway to the Johar valley of inner Himalayas and sits at an ancient trade route between India and Tibet.

Why visit Munsiyari

Munsiyari is not really for everyone. There are no shopping malls here, no fancy restaurants to eat at and no large markets to go shopping in. If your idea of a vacation is places like Shimla and Manali then Munsiyari will definitely disappoint you. But if you are someone who likes to visit offbeat destinations and not so crowded places then Munsiyari will suit you just fine. It is a perfect destination for anyone interested in photography, trekking, enjoying snow, skiing or just relaxing in a serene and tranquil place. Surrounded with mighty snow-capped peaks and dense forest, Munsiyari offers natural beauty at its best without asking its visitors to go too remote.

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How to reach Munsiyari

Until some time ago, Munsiyari was a restricted area due to its close proximity with the border. But now it is emerging as a popular offbeat destination and connectivity also has improved tremendously. Depending on your preference, you can reach here either by your own vehicle or public transport.

How to reach Munsiyari from Delhi by Road

I will begin by first explaining the journey for someone traveling by their own vehicle. For the sake of the route, I will assume Delhi as your starting point. However, even if you were coming from a different city, the information below should still be able to help you understand the best way to reach Munsiyari.

Starting from Delhi, the route to Munsiyari will be as mentioned below.

Delhi – Ghaziabad – Amroha – Bazpur – Nainital – Almora – Binsar – Kapkot – Munsiyari

There can be several different variations of this route but the one I suggested above is the quickest one. Traveling this way, total distance covered will be about 580 kilometers and it will easily take you 15-16 hours to cover. If you were coming from a place around Chandigarh (or from that direction); you will have to take the route via Paonta Sahib, Dehradun, Srinagar, and Bageshwar. From Chandigarh, Munsiyari is about 630 kilometers and 19-20 hours journey. From Dehradun, it is 450 kilometers and around 15-16 hours of travel time.

How to reach Munsiyari by Bus

There are regular buses to Munsiyari from nearby towns of Pithoragarh, Almora, and Haldwani but the frequency is very less. In most cases, it is just one bus a day and if you missed that, shared cabs will be the next choice. These are easily available, are more regular but charge way more than a Bus. Also, the shared cab will not move unless it is has been stuffed breathless, no matter how long that takes.

If you were coming from Delhi, you can first board an overnight bus for any of these three towns and then catch a bus to Munsiyari from here. Another option would be to board a shared taxi which too is easily available and even more frequent than a Bus. It will cost about Rs. 200 from Pithoragarh, Rs. 400 from Haldwani and Almora for a shared cab to Munsiyari.

As far as I know, due to the distance and long journey, there are no direct buses from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, etc. to Munsiyari. Your journey must be broken into parts and you will have to change buses. There is a daily morning Bus from Munsiyari for Haldwani.

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How to reach Munsiyari by Train

Nearest railway station to Munsiyari is located at Kathgodam at a distance of about 270 kilometers. The next closest train station is at Tankapur at a distance of about 290 kilometers. From both these places, you can get buses and taxis for your final leg of the journey.

Nearest airport to Munsiyari

The nearest airport to Munsiyari is at Pantnagar at a distance of 250 kilometers. You can get private taxis for Munsiyari from the airport itself. For budget travel, you can take a cab from the airport to Almora and then board a Bus for Munsiyari from there. The nearest international airport, however, is in Delhi, 580 kilometers away.

Best way to reach Munsiyari

The best way to reach Munsiyari would definitely be by your own vehicle and breaking the journey in 2 days. If traveling by Bus, best would be to board an overnight bus for Pithoragarh and then travel to Munsiyari from there. For moving locally in the region from one town to another, shared cabs are the best option.

Best Vehicle

I have been to Munsiyari in a Maruti Swift so there is really no vehicle required as such. I have seen local here riding around on automatic scooters like Activa as well. All that is needed is that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced.

Local Transport

Munsiyari is just a small town best covered on foot. You do not really need a mode of transport to move within the town here.

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What to see in Munsiyari

Munsiyari maybe just a tiny hamlet but there are plenty of places for sightseeing here. If you were visiting here for 2-3 days, then rest assured that your schedule will remain full and you will hop from one place to another all day long. Mentioned below is a list of a few must-visit places in Munsiyari. I will recommend all of them but how many you are able to cover will entirely depend on your mode of travel and time in hand.

Panchchuli Peaks

It is a series of five snow-capped high mountains that is visible from everywhere in Munsiyari. The altitude of the peaks ranges from 6,334 meters (20,781 ft) to 6,904 meters (22,651 ft). The word ‘Chuli’ here means Chulha, a cooking hearth. So Panchchuli literally translates as ‘Panch Chulha’. It is said that this is where the Pandavas cooked their last meal before reaching heaven and hence the name. The imposing peaks are a sight to behold and the greatest attraction of Munsiyari. The best view is at the time of sunrise when the sun comes up from behind the peaks.

Birthi Falls

It is a huge waterfall located about 35 kilometers from Munsiyari on Munsiyari – Thal road. To reach the waterfall, you will have to leave your vehicle near KMVN Tourist lodge before the village of Birthi and walk a short and easy trek. The waterfall is surrounded with thick forest and is a popular tourist spot.

Balanti Potato Farm

Also simply known as Balanti Farm, it is more of a viewpoint for tourists. It is actually both potato and apple farm and you will have to trek for about 2 kilometers from Munsiyari bus stand to get here. This is the best spot in all of Munsiyari to get the best and a spectacular view of Panchachuli peaks.

Maheshwari Kund

It is a small lake located on Munsiyari – Madkot road. To get here, you will have to walk an easy trek of about 30 minutes from the main road. It is said that in ancient times, this lake was home to a Yaksha who fell in love with the daughter of the sarpanch of the village. The sarpanch, however, denied him his daughter’s hand in marriage and got the lake dried up. The Yaksha then cursed the village and a drought fell upon the region for many years to come. The villages later apologized to the Yaksha after which the drought ended.

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ThamrI Kund

Thamri Kund, also known as Thamri Tal, is another small lake located about a 3 kilometers long trail from Munsiyari. It is not much of a lake to be honest but more of a small pond. The trek, however, is a very scenic one and is worth trying if you had the time. The small lake and the nearby areas are also famous as a natural habitat of Musk deer which can be of interest to wildlife enthusiasts.

Khaliya Top

Khaliya Top is a mix of many things in Munsiyari. It is an easy trek, viewpoint, a camping ground, a beautiful meadow, and a sunrise point. The meadow is surrounded by snowy peaks and provides a stunning view of the majestic Panchachuli, Rajrambha, Hardeol and Nanda Kot peaks. It is a 6 kilometers long trail that starts from Balanti Farm and climbs gradually. You can attempt the trek on your own as well but the forest at some places quite dense and the path is not well laid out. It would be better to hire a local as a guide for a few hundred bucks for this trek.

Nanda Devi Temple

This is a temple dedicated to Goddess Nanda or Parvati and can be reached after an easy trek of 3 kilometers. Apart from a sacred and important Hindu religious site, it also provides a great view of the peaks around. It is a very small temple built on the edge of a cliff, offering a great view of the slopes and surrounding mountains. This is one of the most important temples in Munsiyari and the trek starts from the main town itself. Just ask any of the locals and they will point you in its direction.

Kalamuni Temple

This is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali and is located about 16 kilometers from Munsiyari. There is no trekking involved to get here and a motorable road leads all the way to the entrance of the temple.


If you were visiting Munsiyari in winter, then a trip to Betulidhar cannot be missed. It is a large garden full of Rhododendrons that serves as an ideal skiing slope in winters. It is also an ideal spot for viewing both sunrise and sunsets, showcasing beautiful hues of nature.

What to do in Munsiyari

Apart from the sightseeing at all of the above-mentioned places, listed below are some other activities that you can indulge in while visiting Munsiyari.


As you can guess from the details above, Munsiyari is a heaven for trekkers. There are all sorts of treks starting from this small town, including short ones that can be covered in a matter of hours to long and serious ones that can last for a few days. Khaliya Top and Nanda Devi Treks are the two most popular easy ones. If you are into trekking and needs a bit more of a challenge, then you can try the treks leading to Milam and Ralam Glaciers. Another 10 days long but tough and least explored trek is the one leading to Nandadevi East Base Camp.


This is another great activity that people look forward to while visiting Munsiyari. The best place to get camping here is Khaliya Top.


I think this one goes without saying. It does not matter what kind of a photographer you were, you will have ample of opportunities to click thousands of pictures including natural landscape and wildlife both. The pollution-free clear skies of Munsiyari provide great opportunity to click some stunning night skies and star trails.

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Where to Stay in Munsiyari

Munsiyari may not be one of the crowded ones but still is a well-known tourist destination. There are numerous hotels here and you will easily find one suiting your need. There are numerous hotels near the Bus stand itself as a matter of fact. During the tourist season, expect the price to be around Rs. 1500 (could be higher depending upon the hotel). During the off-season, you can easily get a room anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000, depending on your negotiation skills.

Camping in Munsiyari

Khaliya Top is again the best camping spot if you were carrying your own gear. Surprisingly I did not notice any campsites here but I visited in the off-season so that could be the reason. There may be operational campsites in the tourist season but I cannot really confirm that.

What & Where to Eat

Like shopping, options to eat at Munsiyari too are limited. There are no fancy restaurants here and the food you can get will be quite basic. You can either eat at your hotel or in any of the small restaurants. Some of the local items that you can try are rice and mutton curry, runny gravy, Bhang Ki Chutney, Kukla and Bhuta Aalu. Other than this, almost every simple north Indian dish can be made on order.

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What to Buy in Munsiyari

Shopping in Munsiyari is not really a choice because it is not much of a shopping destination. It is just a small town with shops selling some day to day commodities and groceries. If you do want to buy something as a souvenir for your trip, you can buy some handicraft items like shawls and caps, hand-woven carpets and woolen items.


Due to its high altitude, the weather of Munsiyari ranges from being pleasant to very cold. It snows here in the month of January and February and at such times, the temperature drops close to 0 degrees at night. Spring arrives towards the end of March and officially marks the beginning of tourist season in Munsiyari. The following months of April, May, and June are considered to be the best time for a trip because the weather in these months is very pleasant. Days will remain moderately warm and nights will be pleasantly cool.

July and August is the time of monsoon and it rains here a lot in these months. Sometimes the rain continues for days altogether causing landslides and can force you to remain indoors throughout the duration of your trip. The rain gods depart in the month of September but leave plenty of greenery behind to enjoy.

October is when the Autumn season begins and all that was green in September now turns orange. This is another good month to visit but the weather starts to get cold again by the end of the month. The months of November and December is the driest time of the year during which the temperature again drops below 5 Degrees Celsius. Snowfall starts towards the end of December and lasts until early February.


Below is how the temperature in Munsiyari ranges. Please note though that these are just average numbers and the temperature can vary during noon and at night. The months of May and June are the warmest time of the year and January is the coldest.

  • Munsiyari in Winters: The average temperature in the months of November, December, January, and February ranges between -5 Degrees Celsius at night; and 15 Degrees Celsius in the day.
  • Munsiyari in Summer: In the months of May and June, the average temperature ranges between 20 to 30 Degrees Celsius. It gets a little warm here at this time and you may not even need a jacket during the day.
  • Munsiyari in Monsoon: The average temperature in July and August ranges between 15 to 25 Degrees Celsius.
  • Munsiyari in Spring Season: This is the most pleasant time of the year with temperature fluctuating between 10 to 20 Degrees Celsius in March and April. Weather remains clear with sunny skies and clear views of the peaks around.
  • Munsiyar in Autumn Season: The temperature in September and October too ranges between 10 to 20 Degrees Celsius.

Best time to visit Munsiyari

Now considering the information above, I think it is safe to say that the months of April, May, September, and October are the best times to visit Munsiyari. But it also will depend on your reason to visit. For example, if you wanted to see snow and possibly catch a live snowfall as well; then you should plan in January and February. For a family trip, April and May are the best time to go. For photography, September will be a good time but if you are ready to risk the rain, July and August will be the best months.

November is generally considered a bad month to go because the vistas at this time are very dry and dull; and there won’t even be any snow around. For a budget trip, plan in July, August, November or December. If you do not like the cold weather; do not go between October to March. If you are not too fond of the rainy season; then avoid the period between late June to early September. If you want to visit when there aren’t many people around, then you should not plan in April, May or June.

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Clothes to Pack

What clothes you should be packing on the time of your travel. For a trip from April to September, just carry your regular cotton clothes with some light woolens or a jacket; and that will suffice. For July and August, pack clothes that can dry faster, like Polyester. For a trip in winter, from October to March, you must bring heavy woolens, windproof jacket, cap and gloves. Also pack other items like some basic medicines, lip balm and cold cream etc.


Munsiyari Tour Itinerary

Let me also suggest an example of an itinerary that you can follow for visiting Munsiyari. For the sake of the itinerary, I will assume Delhi as your starting point. However, if you were coming from a different place, only the journey on 1st and last day will be different. Rest of the details will still apply.

Delhi to Nainital / Almora / Binsar / Haldwani – Day 1

Delhi to Munsiyari by road is about 16-18 hours of drive, depending on your speed and breaks. So unless you started from your home in Delhi by midnight and are ready to drive non-stop, getting to Munsiyari in a day will be very difficult. Hence, you will have to break your journey at either of the 4 places I mentioned above. I personally will recommend that you stay for the first night at Binsar which is about 11 hours’ drive from Delhi. If you were traveling by Bus, then the best way is to catch an overnight Bus for Haldwani. This starts from ISBT Delhi by evening and drops you at Haldwani early in the morning the next day.

Nainital / Almora / Binsar / Haldwani to Munsiyari – Day 2

Start early in the morning and drive to reach Munsiyari by evening. If you were traveling by Bus, then on this day, you will catch the morning 6.30 bus from Haldwani. This Bus will drop you at Munsiyari sometime in the evening. If you missed the Bus, then the next best thing is to board a shared cab from the Bus stand itself. The roads will be a mix of good, bad and ugly. Arrive at Munsiyari, check into a hotel and relax. You can step out to have dinner outside and just walk leisurely in the place.

Sightseeing in Munsiyari – Day 3 & 4

Spend 2 days in Munsiyari and visit places that I listed above. On Day 3, you can trek to Khaliya Top and return by noon. Have lunch and then you can explore places like Balanti Farm and drive to Kalamuni Temple. Or if you were up for some more trekking, you can visit Birthi Falls. On Day 4, trek to Nanda Devi temple in the morning. Later in the day, you can go to Maheshwari Kund.

Munsiyari to Nainital / Haldwani – Day 5

If you were traveling in your own car, I will recommend driving down to Nainital and spend the evening there. If you were traveling by Bus, then catch the early morning Bus from Munsiyari to Haldwani. It will drop you at Haldwani Bus stand by late evening and from there you can then immediately board another overnight bus for Delhi.

Nainital to Delhi – Day 6

Spend some time in Nainital. Visit the lake and the local market and drive back to Delhi.

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Time Needed

A minimum of 2 days of stay is what I will recommend to explore Munsiyari and nearby areas. 3 days will be an ideal and even better time. And then you will have to add days that you will spend in reaching Munsiyari and then going back home. So for example, if a person was coming from Delhi, he would have to keep at least 5 days in hand for visiting here. Any less than this and most of the time will be spent on the road only and you will barely touch Munsiyari before heading back.

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Places Near Munsiyari

If you had additional time in hand, then you can extend your trip to cover a few other nearby places as listed below.

Binsar: Binsar will be on your way to Munsiyari and I will highly recommend spending a day here either while on your way to Munsiyari or while returning. It is a very peaceful and scenic town known best for Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Bageshwar: This is another town located close to Munsiyari which is religiously very important. It is known for the Bagnath Temple and attracts a lot of devotees all year long.

Kausani: About 165 kilometers and 6 hours’ drive from Munsiyari is the scenic town of Kausani which is an awesome offbeat tourist destination. It offers a majestic view of various snow-capped mountains and is a great place to spend a few days in peace and serenity. Mahatma Gandhi visited here in 1929 and is said to have been very impressed and fascinated by the scenic beauty of Kausani.

Pithoragarh: Pithoragarh is also known as “Little Kashmir” and is a greatly scenic small town located with Nepal to its east and Tibet to the north. It is located about 135 kilometers from Munsiyari and is perfect for extending your trip for a couple of days more.

A couple of other nearby places are the village of Darkot, known for its weavers; and Mudkot, famous for a hot water spring with healing properties.

Other Tips

Below is some other useful information above visiting Munsiyari.

Banks and ATM

There are Banks and ATMs located in Munsiyari. I noticed ATMs of SBI and PNB when I was there and both were functional. However, I will still recommend that you completely rely on the ATM here and carry sufficient cash.

Mobile Network in Munsiyari

BSNL provides the best coverage here including the main town and nearby areas. However, other networks like Airtel and Vodafone too work fine, both prepaid and postpaid. Internet and Data connectivity was a little slow though.

Hospital in Munsiyari

There is a community Health center (Samudayik Swastha Kendra) in Munsiyari where you can seek medical assistance if required.

Petrol Pump / Mechanics

There is an HP petrol pump located in Munsiyari. You can find mechanics as well but only for some small fixes.

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FAQs about Munsiyari

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Munsiyari.

1. Is Munsiyari worth Visiting?

Yes, Munsiyari is definitely worth visiting. The distance may sound a little too much but it is worth it.

2. Is Munsiyari safe?

Yes, Munsiyari is a very safe place to visit as long as you act responsibly and do not take any unnecessary risks or put yourself in harm’s way. It is a popular tourist destination that gets a lot of visitors including families and couples. The locals are very simple-minded and humble people.

3. When does it snow in Munsiyari?

It snows in Munsiyari between last week of December to early February.

4. Is there a taxi for local sightseeing available?

Yes, you can book a local cab in Munsiyari to show you around. It is greatly beneficial for people who arrived in Munsiyari by Bus. How much the cab will cost will entirely depend on how many places you wish to cover.

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I hope the information above on visiting Munsiyari, what to see there and the best way to plan your journey was of help. If you have any questions; or need any other details; please feel free to ask in the comments section below; or at our Community Forum; and I will be glad to answer.

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RAMESH MANGLA April 14, 2022 - 12:50 am

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Hi Mr Khan
greetings from London
i think this is one of the best ( if not THE BEST) detailed description about Munsiyari , Pithoragarh.
I and a friend of mine are planning to be there in the 3rd / 4th week of March 2022.
Can you please recommend any birding guide who we can contact and retain his services for bird watching .Thanks a lot in advance.
if you wish you may reply to my e mail id [email protected]
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Vargis.Khan February 22, 2022 - 10:23 am

Hello Mr. Satsangi – Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I do not have any contacts to recommend. Sorry.

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Hii..will it be safe to travel with our daughter who will turn 1&1/2 years old in may. We are thinking of travelling in May 2021

Manish December 4, 2020 - 9:17 am

Pls tell me another places like Munsiyari ,long drive.not too much rush.small places are very beautiful like munsiyari.pls tell me where i can go like Munsiyari place.Only in Uttarakhand.

Brajesh Karjee November 22, 2020 - 12:54 am

Perhaps the best info on the web on Munsiyari. Appreciate the minute details covered in the article. Please keep sharing mire info on off the track tourist places

Vargis.Khan November 22, 2020 - 10:59 pm

Thank you Brajesh Bhai

Kailashi sudarshan nyati October 5, 2020 - 9:56 am

Yes Kapil has planned v good. I do agree. I will follow similar. Kathgodam to Almora to Chaukor, to Munsiyari.

May be I will hire innova car or if er r 10 then tempo traveller .
Are KMVN rest houses are easily available or other places.
I found that kmvn test houses r located on a good scenic place.
Although I had been to Almora, Bhimasen Pithoragarh during my Kailash mansarovar yatra in 2022

Rahila February 23, 2020 - 7:12 pm

Hi Vargis, I will be travelling to Uttarakhand this March just wanted some help planning the itinerary.. I will be der for 10 days planning to start at Rishikesh.. I just wanted to know how can I get to Munsiyari from auli using public transport ? And Can I get a bus from Jim Corbett to Delhi??

Deepa February 12, 2020 - 3:08 am

Hi Vargisji pls help me with my itineary. Planning a 10 days trip to Garhwal. Haridwar (2), Rishikesh, Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Chopra, Khirsu, Pauri, Lansdowne, back to delhi and mumbai. Pls advise is this possible. Priority is divine destinations and himalayan view.

BINITA THAPA January 30, 2020 - 5:39 am

Hi, Vargis Ji,

Your blogs are always helpful to us while planning our trips to Himalayas. This year March 2nd week we are planning to visit Munsiyari and Chaukori and we need your suggestion. we are 1 couple (back packers)

this is our plan for 5 days. plz suggest if it is ok or not
day 01- Arrival haldwani bus stop early morning, take shared taxi for Almora. rest of d day exploration around. night stay at Almora.
day 02- Almora to munsiyari by shared taxi/ bus( we have no idea whether direct taxi /bus available or we need to break journey in 2- 3 places but we need to reach same day to munsiyari, please advise). night stay munsiyari.
day 03- munsiyari/ kaliyatop/ . night stay munsiyari.
day 04- Munsiyari to chaukori (shared taxi/ bus). night stay at chaukori.
day 05- chakori to kathgodam/ haldwani by shared transport.- night bus to delhi.

pleas advise if it is possible in 5 days. is bike rental available in almora??


Anjan Das January 30, 2020 - 6:14 am

I am not Vargis but since I returned from a trip to Kumaon last week, I am reply with my inputs in case you find it useful. I am sure Vargis ji can add more useful information.

My experience with shared taxis has not been very good in all my trips to Uttarakhand. They try to overload the Sumo as much as possible with more passengers than one is supposed to carry. In one stretch, an 8 seater was carrying 13 people believe it or not. The journey was extremely painful for 2 hours. Besides, shared taxis will make you wait until all seats are filled up which can take a long time depending on the place. So my suggestion is to take bus wherever possible as journey is very comfortable and not like in the cities. They are rarely overcrowded and they don’t waste any time here and there.

If you start from Haldwani very early morning, you can get direct bus to Munsiyari but you will have to endure a 13 hour journey. If you want to avoid that, atleast try to reach Pithoragarh on the first day and not Almora. You can break at Almora but then the next day journey will be really long and hectic. From Pithoragarh, you can get bus to Munsiyari. Always start early morning. If you can’t get direct bus anywhere, keep moving forward by doing break journeys by whatever means of transport available. Don’t get stuck at a place by waiting endlessly for direct transport.

Chaukhori to Haldwani is doable but again it will be a very long and tiring journey and as far as I know there is no direct means of transport from Chaukhori to Haldwani either by bus or taxi. You have to reach Bageshwar by shared taxi to further get connecting bus to Almora. You may even have to break at Udiyari Bend to reach Bageshwar as shared taxi from Chaukhori to Bageshwar may not be available. From Almora, you can easily take bus to Haldwani. Try to stay overnight in Almora this time if journey becomes too hectic. This will also allow you to start late from Chaukhori and explore the place a little more.

Lastly, I would like to say that Munsiyari is too far away and you can never really appreciate the place unless you keep atleast 7 days with you for the vacation. 4 days are spent on the road just to travel from Haldwani to Munsiyari and back. What will you do there in just 1 day? That’s not the kind of vacation I would recommend to anyone. If you cannot spare more than 5 days at any cost, then you pick from places like Bhimtal, Sattal, Mukteshwar, Nainital and Pangot instead.

BINITA THAPA January 30, 2020 - 7:00 am

Dear Anjan Bhai,
Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. yes even I have same experience with shared vehicle while travelling to Garhwal region. But Uttrakhand Road journeys are so beautiful that i can spend whole day in travelling. 😀

Is direct taxi/ buses available from haldwani for pithoragarh ( 6- 7 am) and how long does it takes. Is direct transport available from udiyari bend to almora/ haldwani. ( our return bus for Delhi is at 10 pm)
Is Bike rental available in Almora.


Rishi Sharma March 13, 2022 - 11:05 am

Hi Vargis. This is a very informative and detailed post.
I’m planning to do Nanda Devi East basecamp trek in May 22 for which I need to reach Munsiyari (the base for trek).
My plan is to take overnight train from Delhi to Kathgodam/Haldwani which reaches at 5am and then leave from Haldwani by private taxi around 6am and aim to reach Munsyari by 6pm.

I wanted to ask if this is feasible in your view. I also wanted to ask if you can share contact details of any cab service from Kathgodam/Haldwani to Munsyari. Thanks

Vargis.Khan January 30, 2020 - 8:21 pm

Thanks Anjan Bhai. I really appreciate you takin the time to drop a note.

Vargis.Khan January 30, 2020 - 8:21 pm

Hello Binita Ji – For 5 days, I will not recommend Munsiyari at all, especially by public transport. You must plan for somewhere else or add at least 3 more days.

BINITA THAPA January 31, 2020 - 6:13 am

Hi Vargis Ji, and Anjan Ji,

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions. Will re plan the trip.

Vargis.Khan January 31, 2020 - 8:54 pm

You are welcome !!!

Anjan Das January 12, 2020 - 7:15 am

I really love how you mention the options to travel by public transport. This is a key piece of information that is missing in almost all other blogs as they assume all tourists will take a private cab. I am someone who prefer to travel by bus and shared taxis because I am always on a budget and this allows me to travel more throughout the year. Knowing how to do break journeys and where to get off and how much it costs is invaluable information and I am really grateful to you for providing this information. Quite often in the mountains, unless you know bus timings in advance, it’s impossible to catch them as frequency is very less.

Your blog posts are also the most comprehensive of any travel blogs I have found on the Internet. You present information in such a clear and concise manner instead of narrating your own story that it really makes for easy reading.

Vargis.Khan January 12, 2020 - 2:26 pm

Thank you so much Anjan. I really appreciate your kind words.

Arman UA November 18, 2019 - 3:00 pm

मुनस्यारी बहोत ही खूबसूरत हिल स्टेशन है पूरा मुनस्यारी हिमालय से घिरा है 3 बार जा चुका हूं 4 बार लास्ट दिसंबर 2019 को

Vargis.Khan November 19, 2019 - 6:16 pm

Thanks Arman

Kapil October 21, 2019 - 7:08 pm

Thanks for such a quick reply! My tentative itinerary is as below-
Day 1 – Reach Nainital from Pantnagar and hire a bike
Day 2 – Nainital to Binsar, visit Binsar wildlife sanctuary and stay at Binsar overnight
Day 3 – Binsar TO chaukori and stay at Chaukori
Day 4 – Chaukori to munsyari, local sightseeing and overnight at Munsyari
Day 5 – Visit Khaliya top, stay at Gmvn guest house on top overnight
Day 6 – Visit nanda devi temple and birthi falls and stay at Munsiyari overnight
Day 7 – Ride to Kausani, local sight seeing and overnight at Kausani
Day 8 – Ride from Kausani to Nainital via almora
Day 9 – Return to Dehradun

Let me know how the itinerary sounds and also if I can include something else since I have one more day in hand! Thanks in advance!


Vargis.Khan October 23, 2019 - 1:27 pm

Hi Kapil – Your itinerary is perfect brother, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Don’t add anything more, it will just make the trip hectic.

Kailashi sudarshan nyati October 5, 2020 - 9:55 am

Yes Kapil has planned v good. I do agree. I will follow similar. Kathgodam to Almora to Chaukor, to Munsiyari.

May be I will hire innova car or if er r 10 then tempo traveller .
Are KMVN rest houses are easily available or other places.
I found that kmvn test houses r located on a good scenic place.
Although I had been to Almora, Bhimasen Pithoragarh during my Kailash mansarovar yatra in 2022

Kapil October 19, 2019 - 6:45 pm

Hi Vargis bhai, I am planning to visit Munsiyari in first week of December. I am planning to hire a bike from Nainital and complete the journey in 2 days (first night half at Chaukori). Is the bike ride safe considering condition of roads there? I will be travelling with my wife. Also, if I travel upto Munsiyari by bus, .can I get bike on rent at Munsiyari for local sight seeing? I am planning to spend 3 days there. I would appreciate any inputs from your side!


Vargis.Khan October 21, 2019 - 7:19 am

Hi Kapil Bhai,

I do not think you can get a bike on rent in Munsiyari. At least I didn’t notice. You should get it from Nainital only but just be prepared for the cold. It will be OK if you have decent enough riding experience.


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