Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide

by Vargis.Khan

One thing that takes precedence over everything else when it comes to planning a road trip to Ladakh is knowledge. In order to enjoy this journey to fullest and return home safe, there are several things that you need to make yourself aware of beforehand. Careful planning based on complete knowledge is what will see you completing the journey without any unforeseen events; events that may land you in trouble. I remember the first time I visited Ladakh a decade ago, I spent several weeks in just reading and gathering as much knowledge as I could regarding each and every place I wanted to visit. Still something totally unexpected happened which resulted in me and my fellow traveler spending the night on the road in blistering cold, in the middle of nowhere. This only happened in situation and area that I had no knowledge of. Had I known better, we never would have landed in such trouble. This is where having complete knowledge comes handy and was the idea behind putting together this Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide.

Out of the two roads leading to Ladakh, Manali Leh highway has always been the more preferred one and also the more challenging one. Majority of the people traveling to Ladakh will chose to reach Leh via Manali and return via Srinagar. Because of this very reason, Manali Leh highway becomes the road that gets the traveler ready for the journey ahead and hence, preparing yourself well for Manali Leh highway becomes of utmost importance. Spread over this blog are several articles that I wrote regarding taking a journey from Manali to Leh and this travel guide is an effort to consolidate all those articles on one page. Going through these articles will not only make you aware of the road but also of the challenges you may face.

manali leh highway travel guide

Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide

1. Manali Leh Highway Road Map

Posted at the link below is a complete road map of Manali to Leh with names of the places in between, distance between two places and several other basic facts about the highway. Feel free to download the map and save it on your phone or take a print out.

Read Manali to Leh Road Map With Distance

2. Manali to Leh – Route Explanation

This is more of a detailed version of the map. While the previous post only has a map of the road with a few facts, article at the link below explains the entire route in much details, including the road conditions, where can you expect to find a mechanic, petrol pump or accommodation facilities.

Read Manali Leh Highway Guide : Map and route explanation

3. Tourist Places on Manali Leh Highway

While the entire stretch from Manali to Leh is a sight to behold, there are certain places that become the highlight of the journey. Link below provides complete information about these places along with all other places on Manali Leh highway. This article also provides information on where you can find accommodation and some other basic amenities.

Read Tourist Places on Manali Leh Highway

manali leh highway travel guide

Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide

 4. Hotels, Guest Houses and Camp Sites on Manali Leh Highway

There are several options in terms of accommodation on Manali Leh highway. You can find hotels, guest houses (both private and government run), camp sites and Chadar tents at several places and fitting into any budget. Article at the link below breaks down the entire Manali Leh highway describing at which place can you find which type of accommodation. Towards the end of the article are also the names and contact information of several hotels and camp sites along the route.

Read Accommodation on Manali Leh Highway

manali leh highway travel guide

Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide

5. Best Time to Travel From Manali to Leh

While the Manali to Leh stretch remains open for civilian traffic for 5 months in a year, there are times within this small window that are more suitable to different kind of travelers. For example, month of August and September would suit more for traveling with family whereas June will suit better to the adventurous type. Article below breaks down these 5 months, providing details on what can you expect in which particular month, hence enabling you to decide better on which month you want to travel in.

Read  Best Time to Travel from Manali to Leh

6. Minimum Days required for Manali to Leh and an ideal Itinerary

Preparing an ideal itinerary for completing Manali Leh highway and deciding on how many days you want to dedicate majorly depends on how you are traveling and how many days you have in hand. The article below helps you prepare for your journey better by suggesting how many days you should dedicate for reaching Leh from Manali and an itinerary you can follow.

Read  Manali to Leh – Minimum Days Required

7. Available modes of transport on Manali Leh Highway

What preparation you should make if traveling on your own and what are the various modes of public transport available on Manali Leh highway has been discussed at the article below. You can chose to either board a private/shared taxi or a government run bus but if traveling via your own vehicle, there are a few things that you must pay close attention to. Please read the article below for more information.

Read Manali to Leh – Available Modes of Transport


Manali Leh Highway Travel Guide

8. How to deal with altitude sickness while traveling to Ladakh?

Acute mountain sickness, also known as AMS or high altitude sickness, is one of the most important aspects of this journey. If not paid close attention to and dealt with in the right manner, AMS can completely ruin your trip and make it more of a painful experiences than enjoyable one. Please take a look at the article below for more information on what AMS is, what its symptoms are and how can you deal with it in a better way.

Read  How to Deal With Acute Mountain Sickness In Ladakh

9. Manali Leh Highway – Frequently Asked Questions

Article below is a complication of several questions that I was asked by people planning their journey on Manali Leh highway.

Read Manali Leh Highway – Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this information was useful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and I would be glad to answer.

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