Ladakh Travelogue – A Trip to Ladakh from Mumbai

by Jack Dcosta

This Ladakh travelogue is much more than just a travelogue to me. It is a realization of a dream. These are the memories of a journey that will always remain close to my heart. I know I will visit Ladakh again and perhaps more than once or twice. But no matter how many times I go now, this first trip of mine will always remain to be a special one.

A trip to Ladakh was on my plans for quite some time and finally this year, this plan took shape. Below is a detailed log of how my 9 days long trip to Ladakh from Mumbai went. Other than the details of my trip, in this Ladakh Travelogue, I will also provide some necessary information that can be of help to anyone planning a trip to Ladakh in near future.

Ladakh Travelogue

The itinerary that we followed for the trip was as mentioned below for 10 days.

  • Arrival at Jammu – Day 1
  • Jammu to Srinagar – Day 2
  • Srinagar – Day 3
  • Srinagar to Leh – Day 4
  • Local Sightseeing in Leh City – Day 5
  • Leh to Nubra Valley – Day 6
  • Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso to Leh – Day 7
  • Sightseeing in Leh city – Day 8
  • Flight from Leh back to Mumbai – Day 9

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Day 1 – Arrival at Jammu

After arriving at Jammu by train, we stayed at a hotel nearby called Le Roi. It was a good hotel and our stay was comfortable. If you want to stay in Jammu, I will recommend this hotel.

We went to inquire at the bus stand near the railway station for the Srinagar bus. There weren’t any and we were told that there were no JKSRTC buses to Srinagar from that particular bus stand. For a bus from Jammu to Srinagar, we would either have to get it from Main Bus stand Jammu; or else go to a place called Raghunath temple somewhere near there.

Buses from railway station only ply to intercity like Katra, Banihal, etc.

So we went to the General bus stand which was really crowded. After inquiring, we were told that during the day, only shared cabs leave for Srinagar. The fare of a cab would be around Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 per person. Luxury buses always leave at night, making the entire travel to Srinagar a night journey. For this, you have to book your ticket with the private bus operators near the General bus stand.

Day 2 – Bus from Jammu to Srinagar

So on Day 3, early morning, we took those minibusses that leave from Jammu station to General bus stand, the ticket of which is Rs. 20 per person. After reaching the bus stand, we inquired for a Srinagar taxi and bargained for 750 per person. It was a Qualis cab.

Someone came to us and said that we should go to Banihal Railway station and from there we could get a DMU to Srinagar for around Rs. 50 per person. The fare for a shared taxi from Jammu to Banihal is around 400-500 per person.

So we could either pay Rs. 750 for a shared cab all the way to Srinagar. Or we could get a shared cab for Rs. 400 – Rs. 500 till Banihal Railway Station and from there board a train for Srinagar for Rs. 50 per person.

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I wasn’t sure whether the Banihal train to Srinagar was operational. Because of all the unrest that takes place here in the valley, trains often get canceled. Hence we decided to go all the way from Jammu to Srinagar in the shared cab itself.

We started from Jammu at around 9 am. The Jammu – Srinagar highway was under construction for most of it, all the way till Srinagar. There was a lot of traffic from both sides for which we had to wait nearly 2 hours. You will also find multiple army convoys on this route which will also cause delays in the journey.

ladakh travelogue ladakh travelogue

Day 3 – Srinagar City

By the time we got to Srinagar, the clock was already showing 6 PM. We stayed at a hotel called “Hotel De apple”. It was not too far from the TRC stand; and at about 10 to 15 minutes of walking distance from Dal gate. The hotel was decent enough and our stay here was comfortable.

Both of the hotels I had booked in advance on MMT, because roaming around searching for a hotel upon our arrival with my dad accompanying me would have been a hassle which I wanted to avoid.

For our stay in Srinagar and the journey to Leh, I had already booked a taxi driver by the name of Noor Mohammed. Private taxis in Srinagar are on the costlier side. Depending upon the number of travelers, the Dal Gate Taxi Union Rates can be starting from anywhere between Rs. 15k to Rs. 18k. For more details, please take a look at Srinagar Taxi Union Rate List.

Anyway, Noor was not available on the day of our arrival so he sent his brother Murtuza to pick us up who charged us around Rs. 13k to 15k. For Day 3, we stayed in Srinagar and did some shopping.

Day 4 – Srinagar to Leh

On Day 4, Murtuza sent another one of their brothers, Vidayat Ali, to pick us up from the hotel at around 5 AM. He was driving a Mahindra Xylor and hence our journey to Leh started with small stops for sightseeing as per our itinerary.

We traveled all day that day and arrived at Leh at around 7 PM. The entire city was crowded with tourists and I was surprised to see so many people here.

For our stay at Leh too, I had already booked a hotel in advance. It was Hotel Nezer View Guest House which was just about OK, nothing too great about it. It was around 15 to 20 minutes of a walk from the Leh market. Some roads in the Leh were under construction. Due to the damaged sewage lines, it was a horrible smell in the air all around.

Inner Line Permits

The owner of the hotel informed us that the next day, 15th June, was going to be Eid. So the permit office will be closed, or open for just half a day. This kind of was a hitch in my plans as I wanted to go to Nubra valley on the 15th. I thought of changing the plans. I could get the permit on 15th in the first half but then getting shared cabs at the last minute too was going to be a problem.

For details on permits in Ladakh, please take a  look at How to obtain an Inner Line Permit for Ladakh.

So the hotel owner actually arranged the permits for us. We paid Rs. 1400 for 2 people for 3 days ( I guess their commission was also included). A budget trip to Ladakh now a day is really not that great an option. The hotel owner himself arranged a private taxi for us for Nubra on 16th, Pangong on 17th, and then back to Leh.

The amount was paid for this 3 days trip was Rs. 9600 + 9500 + 3000. We really had not many options and agreed on the same.

Day 5 – Local Sightseeing in Leh City

So the next day on 15th, we roamed around in Leh market and went to see the permit office. There were hardly any people there and the office too was closed. People there said that it will open by 10 AM but I didn’t bother since we had already paid Rs. 1400 to the hotel guy for the permits.

Then we inquired at a taxi stand for shared taxis. The drivers said that to go to any agency like K2 travel agency if you want to travel in Ladakh on a sharing basis.

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Private taxis are always ready to go on a sharing basis since there are more tourists coming in and fewer taxis. Another choice is to go to the bus stand for any tempo travelers.

I on the other hand wanted to see the best view, so we didn’t like the idea of sharing and paid the above-mentioned huge amount for a private taxi.

Then I asked the hotel owner to arrange an Activa for me for Leh local sightseeing. It cost me Rs. 800 till night, till 8 pm to be precise. I used it to go to Leh Palace, Shanti stupa & Namgyal Monastery; and little roaming around the market. Then I saw that the permit office was closed with no people around at 2 in the afternoon. Then I understood that most people go via agent for permits. For more details, please take a look at Ladakh Motorcycle Rental Rate List.

Day 6 – Leh to Nubra Valley

So on 16th, it was Eid and we left for Khardungla at 9.30 AM. We reached at around 11.30 at the top of the peak. I was shocked to see how crowded it there was. There were people, cabs, and tempo travelers all around. So much that even finding a place to park proved to be a tough task. We waited nearly 15 mins up there.

Check point before Khardung La

ladakh travelogue

Many people and bikers were even arguing in order to click photos in front of that huge Khardung La board. I myself just clicked one quick selfie and moved away from there. To be honest I was more excited to see all that snow all around.

ladakh travelogue

My dad was feeling a little short of breath so he was inhaling camphor. It was Ok though, just a little discomfort, no major or minor health issue. The key is to sit in one place and rest until you are feeling better.

We waited there for about 15 minutes and started on our way to Nubra valley. From Khardung La, it is completely a downhill drive. We continued driving all the way to Diskit Monastery and reached there at around 1 PM. We had a quick lunch there at one of the hotels and left for Hunder.

The driver took us to a guest house by the name of Habib guest house at 4 pm. This guest house was good. We freshened up and at around 5.30 – 6.00 PM left for sand dunes and to see the double hump camel rides. I didn’t take the ride though but they were asking for Rs. 200 – 300 – 500 depending on how long you were riding the camel.

Even this area for camel safari was so crowded. So many tourists with so many children.

ladakh travelogue

Day 7 – Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso to Leh

After roaming around for an hour, we left for our hotel. We spent one night there at the guest house. His daily fare was inclusive of buffet-style dinner and breakfast.

The next day we left for Pangong Lake at 7.15 AM via Shyok road. It did not take too long and we arrived at the lake between 12.30 noon to 1 PM. This was again a crowded place. We took some pictures, spent some time by the lake, and in another 30 minutes, started on our way back to Leh city.

At the shooting point at Pangong, there are only restaurants and fewer homestays. Those who want to do a night stay should go further 10 kilometers to Spangmik. If you want an even quieter place then a further 10 kilometers is Marek which would be ideal. It is away from the crowd at the shooting point.

Even for clicking a photo with this Yak, they were asking for money.

If you want to click a photo with the so-called “Kareena Scooter”, you will have to pay Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. If the ladies wanted to put on the Saree for the picture, there was an additional charge for that also.

Pangong Lake to Leh

Along the way towards Pangong Lake, you will find marmots. Anybody who will be visiting Ladakh, please don’t feed these animals. Their numbers are decreasing because of tourists feeding their own food to them. Due to this, these animals lose their taste of natural food like grass, leaves, etc, and start depending on tourist offered food. Eventually they die if no proper food is available. There are also boards put up & the driver also advises

PS: The Biscuit wasn’t given by me

ladakh travelogue

We never had lunch here at Pangong Lake because the driver said it would be expensive. So we left for Leh and somewhere in between, came across a point of many mini dhabas and eateries. We had lunch there (Dhabhas are cheaper than restaurants).

We crossed the Changla pass and there were few nomadic people houses along the way. I brought that Yak butter from them. They asked for Rs. 1000 per kg so I bought a little for Rs. 200.

Day 8 – Sightseeing and Shopping in Leh City

We reached back at our hotel in Leh at around 5.30 – 6 PM and rested for the entire evening. The next day, we had saved for some shopping. We brought Army T-shirt caps and a pant, some bags, and accessories. So full day was spent in shopping only.

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Day 9 – Return by Flight

Last day 9, we left for Leh airport early morning by 4.15 AM. It was a good thing that we told the hotel owners to arrange for us our airport cab. There was a little hassle to leave at 4 am because the hotel staff was still sleeping. At last, their room boy got up and helped us. The cab was waiting outside the hotel.

The Leh airport opens for passengers at 5. We reached early and sat outside the airport. Even at that early hour, there were many people waiting out there. And then we boarded our flight home thus marking an end to our trip to Leh Ladakh.

After my Ladakh Travelogue above, here is some other useful information that can be of help in planning a trip to Ladakh.

Shared Taxis in Ladakh

  • If you are a family with children and also if you are on a tight schedule, budget trip & sharing rarely works, because it becomes difficult to find a taxi & sharing persons in peak season.
  • The taxi stand & Leh bus stand is far about 10-15 mins walking, it might be a hassle
  • But if you have ample days, you need to inquire & book sharing at least 1-2 advance with any agencies in Leh, they will put you in tempo travelers
  • I have also seen big families booking their own private tempo travelers. For small families, a cab is OK, we had got Innova just for 2 of us.
  • Our driver was telling us that sharing hardly works because conflict of interest takes place among the passengers. The driver stops according to his main points only. He will not stop for sightseeing wherever or whenever you wished him to.
  • For us, we had hired a private cab, so the driver was in our control. I used to keep telling him to stop many places to click pictures and also for nature’s call. He was cool. This was actually the first thing that I told him; that I will be asking him to stop often during the trip.
  • I have never seen private mini buses plying on these sightseeing routes, the majority are these Leh Ladakh taxis & tempo travelers.

Accommodation and Hotel Booking

When it comes to hotel booking, it is advisable to book in advance through packages or online portals if you are with a family. If you are in a small group of friends of girls & boys on bikes, then it becomes easy to look for hotels and research around on your own after you reach Leh.

But as of now, expenses & tariffs have increased over the year. Daily expenses for lunch & dinner in Leh city have also gone up. A cup of tea is for Rs. 15-20-25. Per day proper meal for 2 people will at least be around Rs. 1000 along with water bottles as water refilling points were closed in some places.

Diskit & Hunder are remote places and hotels & guest houses are far away from each other. Same thing again, book in advance if you are with the family. If you are in a small group of friends or traveling alone, then it becomes easy to look for hotels and search around on your own.

I was with my dad, so I wouldn’t have managed so much. Even the drivers also have contacts about hotels in Diskit, Hunder, Pangong lake. I don’t know about the prices; but generally, it won’t be less than 1500 per person.

Srinagar to Leh

Below are a couple of contacts that you can rent a cab with from Srinagar. People going should contact them well in advance. They will definitely arrange cabs and drivers. But please don’t ditch them. They trust people calling & booking them. They have Leh registered taxis & they won’t be around TRC taxi stands in Srinagar.

  • Noor Mohammed – 9419890787 – call him first, you can also take my name Jacob.
  • Vidyat Ali– 9622406977.

They also take sharing, but you have to inform them 2-3 days before, that you are looking for sharing cabs. You’ll get stuffed in the cab & they will have minimum halts all the way to Leh for around 2000-4000 approx per person.

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Drive Carefully

Every biker on a trip to Ladakh should ride slow and properly, I had witnessed 1 accident of a bullet & Jeep. It was a horrible accident. Bike’s front tire and guard were totally gone. It was a rented bike from Leh. They had to call up the pickup van to carry the bike to Leh for which Rs. 9000 was the charge.

Those rental company owners told these people to go to any Enfield showroom and get the bike repaired by themselves. This Accident was on the way from Pangong to Leh. There were smaller accidents as well, of cars & bikes touching and scratching each other.

Other Tips

  • Many people depend on Maps, Maps will not show you proper timings of roads and passes. There were people going towards Pangong via Chang La Pass at 4 -5 in the evening. They probably would have not made it to the lake before nightfall.
  • Night Riding and driving are not advisable in Ladakh.
  • One day Pangong trip and back to Leh is possible. One day Nubra valley trip till Hunder and back to Leh however would become a hectic schedule.
  • Ladakh trip must be properly planned with the number of people in advance. If with a group of friends, then sharing of expenses becomes cheap and you as a group can hire 1 private taxi. There are solo travelers who book private taxis also and they are the only person in the cab.
  • I guess I only messed up at the permit part, I would have saved 300-400.
Ladakh Travelogue – Conclusion

I hope the information I provided above in my Ladakh Travelogue was of help. If you have any questions or need any other details, please feel free to ask in the comments section below or at our Community Forum and I will be glad to answer.

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It was an amazing adventure for you to have a 10 day trip to Ladakh, one of the most must visit places in India. The information you had provided felt that i was actually doing an imagination there, enjoying the cool breeze, sitting on the camel, clicking photos with Yak, liked the Marmots (Cute pie they are) and best part is about the pictures you had clicked are awesome.

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