Low Budget Ladakh Trip in 2024 – How to Reduce Trip Cost

by Vargis.Khan

Low Budget Ladakh Trip

Over the last few years, Ladakh has become a dream destination for almost everyone with even the slightest interest in traveling. But a trip here will still cost you a bit more, both in terms of the time and the money. If you wanted to make a low budget Ladakh trip, there are several things that you will have to take into consideration and plan ahead.

When it comes to Ladakh, the travel cost and accommodation charges will be your two biggest expenses. If you are able to cap these, then your overall cost of the trip will be significantly less. How can you do so is what we will be talking about in this article.

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How to Plan a Low Budget Ladakh Trip

Why does a Ladakh trip cost so much? It is actually a direct result of the time you spend on the road. Ladakh is not a place where you can just plan a trip over the weekend. It would at least need 10-14 days for a road trip and 6-7 days for an air trip.

If you put all this together, you will actually realize that it is pretty much in line with any other tourist place. If you go there for 10-14 days, your overall cost of the trip will be about the same.

With that being said, mentioned below are a few tips on how you can keep your Ladakh trip within a budget.

Low Budget Ladakh Trip

Hotel Cost in Ladakh

A lot of people tend to think that this will become the biggest expense of a Ladakh trip. But it is not really true. The accommodation cost in Ladakh does not really come out to be that great. You just need to be a little careful with your choices.

At most of the places in Ladakh, you can find a guest house for as low as Rs. 700 – Rs. 800 per day. At places like Pangong, the charges of regular campsites are a bit steep. But even here, you can find a homestay at Spangmik, Man, and Merak. Their charges will be lower than the campsites.

Chadar tents are another cheap accommodation that is available in most of the remote regions in Ladakh; even alongside the roads at a lot of places. Here you can get a bed to crash on for the night for as low as Rs. 300 per person.

Before you decide on a hotel, filter through all your options and settle for the one that is costing you the least.

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Food Cost in Ladakh

This is more of a personal choice really. But except for the city of Leh, there are really no expensive eating joints elsewhere in Ladakh. Local Dhabas are available at most of the places and will work well for budget meals.

On average, if you choose wisely, you can easily manage your meals per day with a couple of hundred bucks per person.

Book Your Flight in Advance

If you were planning an air trip to Ladakh, ensure that you are giving at least 2-3 months of advance booking; both for Leh and Srinagar. In tourist season, the price of the tickets can go well beyond Rs. 10,000. But if you booked a few months in advance, you can get a deal for much less.

Low Budget Ladakh Trip

Do not Book Your Stay in Advance

Except for your flights, do not book anything else in advance which will include your accommodation and mode of commute. Pre-booking hotels will just mean that you ended up paying more.

Rather, reach your destination, find a hotel per your liking and negotiate a deal. In tourist season and the majority of the cases, hotels will lower their prices from what they originally quoted you. If a certain hotel does not, you have plenty of other options to choose from.

Time of Travel

This will play a very important role in defining your final budget for the trip. As I mentioned previously, Ladakh has seen a great boost in tourism in recent years. A lot of people are in it to get their share of the cake.

People visiting here include both Indian and foreign nationals; both in ample amounts. Most of the tourism however happens in the months of June, July, and August.

This is when your chances of getting a budget deal are the least. Hotels, taxis, and motorcycle rentals will not lower their prices because they too have plenty of customers to choose from.

Same way, traveling in the off-season (months from October till April) means that most of the hotels would have already shut down and your options are severely limited. Prices of even basic accommodation in Ladakh at this time will be sky-high.

So for a budget tip, you are best planning your trip either in the month of April, May, September, or October; when the tourist season has either just begun or is ending. In both cases, there will not be many tourists around and your chances of bargaining will be high.

Avoid Traveling Solo

A solo trip is always going to cost you high because there is really no one to share the cost with. Every expense will come out of your pocket alone.

Fuel expense (if you went by motorcycle) and hotel rent are two major expenses. It would be great if you have anyone to share this cost with.

You may have to talk your way in but at most of the hotels in Ladakh, they will allow 3 people in one room which will greatly reduce your overall accommodation cost.

Try traveling in a group of at least 2-3 people if a low budget Ladakh trip is on your mind.

pangong lake

Opt for Chadar Tents

This is by far the cheapest accommodation choice throughout Ladakh. It is a dormitory-type tent where you get a bed to sleep on for as low as Rs. 300. This choice is available at most of the places in Ladakh; including Manali Leh highway, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri.

Since you would anyways just need a bed for the night and will be on your way the next morning, opt for Chadar tents wherever you can find one.

Avoid Travel Agents

Goes without saying, every travel agent will charge their own commission of about 10-15% if you were planning your trip with their assistance. For every detail of your trip, including your stay, motorcycle rental, taxi booking, etc, do it on your own. This will help you save this additional 10-15% that you will pay as commission.

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Local Shared Taxis

After the local bus service, this is the most cost-effective mode of travel available in Ladakh. These taxis run on a daily basis to all the major tourist places including Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri.

Fare is almost the same as a bus will cost you and you can easily find these taxis from Leh Bus stand. Do note though that most of the taxis start early in the morning so reach there well in time.

For more details on this topic, take a look at How to Plan a Budget trip to Ladakh Bus & Shared Cabs.

delhi leh bus

Hitchhike for a Low Budget Ladakh Trip

If you are on a severely limited budget then hitchhiking is another great option to move from one place to another. A lot of people travel to Ladakh in the tourist season and helping each other becomes a trend during this time.

If you were walking on the road and put a thumb up asking for a ride, it is extremely rare that the person passing by will not stop. I have myself given a lift to several people during my trips to Ladakh and almost everyone who is able to do so does it.

delhi leh bus

Low Budget Ladakh Trip – Conclusion

I hope the tips above on planning a low budget Ladakh trip were of help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer. You can also follow me on Instagram and chat with me live there or subscribe to my YouTube channel and ask a question there.

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Barbier Gwénaëlle July 24, 2023 - 2:36 pm

We will be in Ladakh from 2/8 to 17/8 and would like to trek in Markha valley for 5 or 6 days (family of 4 persons). We can’t get the price of a guide by agences (only the guide without accomodation and transfer); they give us the total price which is about 120000 Rs and which we can’t afford. Could you give it in order to have an idea? Coudl you confirm the price for a homestay in Marka Valleyr is about 1000 – 1200 Rs?
thanks for your answer.
Best regards

Ajay April 15, 2023 - 6:54 pm

Hi Vargis i intend to travel during May 17 till 23 May 2023 he travel agent suggested 21K for accomodation taxi permit n 2 meal (B and D) oy flight is on me .
Does it sound a fair deal or i could save if i plan Ll by myself.i am solo and would be part of a group organised by them

Vargis.Khan April 18, 2023 - 7:34 am

21k sounds reasonable Ajay. For how many days and what all places will you be covering in this price?

Bike Adventures April 22, 2021 - 11:30 am

, its extremely helpful for people like me who are planning a trip to Ladakh

Nikhil tanwar January 21, 2019 - 3:33 pm

I m travelling with my 3years 8months old daughter in may-june to leh ladakh…is it fine…she would not be facing any trouble

Vargis.Khan January 21, 2019 - 5:30 pm Reply
Fahed Ameen September 22, 2018 - 6:53 pm

Hello vargis,
1) I am planning to parcel my bike to leh, but is it possible to rent a carrier without renting a bike over there?
2) i am planning to visit on october 10th.. is it the right time to explore the roads?

Arshi July 21, 2018 - 7:44 am

I am planning to visit Ladakh in last week of August. I ll be traveling from Delhi and I am planning a 10 days trip. I ll travel by public transport and will opt for budget stay. Could you please give me some idea about the total cost? How much total would be spend?
There is a travel agent who is charging 38,000. So I am confused. If travelling on my own will largely reduce the cost, only then I ll go solo.
Please advise. Thank you.

Vargis.Khan July 21, 2018 - 2:49 pm

38,000 is way too high. By public transport and budget stays, you will be able to wrap it up between 15-20k at most.

Nikhil Tanwar January 20, 2019 - 4:54 pm

Hello vargis…i am planning 2 visit leh ladakh in may end..with my wife and 3year old daughter..
A travel agent had asked for 45,000rs for 5day/6night including accommodation at all locations wd pvt.taxi
Is it fare

Vargis.Khan January 21, 2019 - 10:06 am

Hi Nikhil – If it also includes the cost of at taxi then yes, it sounds about right.

Nikhil tanwar January 21, 2019 - 1:51 pm

Dear Vargis,
Kindly suggest is it safe 2 travel along with my 3.5years old daughter 2 leh ladakh in may June,2019(she will be of 3.5yrs old in June, 2019 )

Nikhil tanwar January 21, 2019 - 1:57 pm

Dear Vargis,
My daughter shall be 3years 8months old in May,2019.is ut safe 2 travel with her via road to leh ladakh.kids don’t have any problem or we should not go there

Nikhil tanwar January 21, 2019 - 1:58 pm

Is it safe 2 travel with 3years 8months old daughter to leh ladakh

Nikhil tanwar January 21, 2019 - 3:36 pm

If I am travelling from grand i10..dn y u said prefer September in place of may-june

Vargis.Khan January 21, 2019 - 5:30 pm

Better roads, less water in nallahs

H J May 5, 2018 - 10:08 am

I am planning to make a trip.. arrive at Leh airport 2 days at leh, thrid day morning to lamayuru and night stay at leh… 4th day leave for nubra fifth day at nubra.. sixth day morning from Nubra to Pangong via shyok.. night at Pangong.. day 7 Pangong to Leh.. day 8 River rafting.. day 9 leh airport to delhi airport..

is this okay.. or any modification is required ??

Vargis.Khan May 6, 2018 - 2:48 am

No your itinerary looks great. How are you planning to travel around though? Rented bike or private taxi?

purnendu sekhar sikdar April 15, 2018 - 4:08 pm

is it possible to make a single round trip from leh-nubra-panggong-tsomoriri-tsokar-leh within five days around 16nth to 21st june’18. would it be cost effective. i have two children of 6 &14. please give suggestion.

Vargis.Khan April 15, 2018 - 9:02 pm

That depends on how you are traveling. You said budget so I am guessing public transport in which case the answer will be a no. The direct routes between Nubra-Pangong-Moriri-Tso Kar have no public transport and this year, the permits are anyways not been given.

Jack April 24, 2018 - 7:52 am

Hi Vargis,, just going thru all comments for advices, i would like to barge in here on this point which i failed to understand this line “and this year, the permits are anyways not been given.”

Vargis.Khan April 24, 2018 - 6:54 pm

Hi Jack,

The direct route between Nubra to Pangong is open for tourists so far but there is a great chance that it may be suspended and no tourists allowed to travel on it.

The route between Pangong to Moriri via Chushul has already been closed for tourists. They are not allowing to go anyone on this road this year.

Jack April 25, 2018 - 5:10 am

Ohh ok.. got it! have to travel other way around
Leh to Nubra and back to leh
& Leh to pangong and back to leh

Thnks for the update! 🙂

Vargis.Khan April 25, 2018 - 2:38 pm

Exactly. Cannot go straight from one place to another.

a ray March 14, 2018 - 3:10 pm

I am planning for srinagar-sonmarg-kargil-drass-lamayuru and leh ladakh trip with my wife on 27th of August to 3rd September excluding our travel. Please suggest us a proper itinerary and most importantly let us know the cheapest mode of transport to visit Nubra Valley, Pangong, Khardungla, Tso-Moriri, Diskit, Hunder. Is there any shared cars available to the above places during our travel to leh. Also how much would it cost on our budget.

arun February 16, 2018 - 7:21 pm

hi ,v have booked the ticket from chennai to srinagar during may 11th night….planning to visit LEH and reaching chennai by 20th may…..v r about 10 adult and one child…need your best suggestion for stay ,food and travel along with places to cover.

interested to see srinagar too….+house boat stay too

look forward your support.

arun February 16, 2018 - 7:19 pm



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