Maryam Cottage Pahalgam – Best Place to Stay in Pahalgam

by Vargis.Khan

maryam cottage pahalgam

I was recently on a road trip to Kashmir and for 3 days, we stayed in Maryam Cottage in Pahalgam. Our stay here was possibly among the best days of the trip. We really enjoyed the comfort, peace, hospitality, and tranquility this place offers to its guests.

The cottage is very beautiful and the location is very scenic. It offers great views, has comfortable warm rooms, and the host is a very friendly gentleman who will be there to help you in any way that he can. In my opinion, it is possibly the best place and spot to stay in Pahalgam. If you want to book your stay here, you can contact Faisal @ 9070000036.

In this post, I want to share how my experience with Maryam Cottage was and why I always recommend it to anyone visiting Pahalgam. If you are planning a trip with a group of friends or with your family, trust me, this is the cottage you want to book. Read on to find out more.

Hotels in Pahalgam

Being the popular tourist destination that Pahalgam is, there is no scarcity of hotels here. The entire town has a lot of hotels and guest houses to choose from.

But the problem with Pahalgam is that it is not really that scenic in the town itself. All the tourist spots are on its outskirts, at a distance of about 8 to 10 kilometers.

On top of it all, the name of the village literally means a village of Shepherds, and Shepherds are in plenty here. As a result, the smell of the dung from their livestock overshadows all other smells.

Irrespective of where you are in Pahalgam, this smell will stay with you and will drive you crazy while you are there. So a word of advice is that if you are visiting Pahalgam, stay in its outskirts. This is the reason why I chose to stay in Maryam Cottage.

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Maryam Cottage Pahalgam

This cottage is located in a village called Langanbal, at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the main Pahalgam market. Don’t worry, it is not literally a village that you will be staying in. Rather, it is in a very silent and scenic area right next to the Lidder River.

The location of the cottage is possibly the best thing I liked about it. It is far from the horse dung smell that you breathe every time you take a breath in Pahalgam. On top of it, in this cottage, you get what you came to Pahalgam for – to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature.

There is very nice wooden work all over the hotel including the rooms which gives it a very classy look. It looks really stylish and posh and I fell in love with it the moment I stepped in.

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This cottage is basically a house in itself and you get the entire house to yourself. There are two very comfortable and stylish rooms, a large hall, a kitchen, a porch, and a beautiful garden, and right in front of you will be the Lidder River.

maryam cottage pahalgam

This makes it perfect for someone traveling with their family or in a group. You are not trapped inside rooms of a hotel and have plenty of space to move around. You can sit in the garden and even have a bonfire out there in the night. We had a Barbeque party and loved that cold evening.

maryam cottage pahalgam

There are comfortable sofas in the dining hall, good furniture to sit on the porch, a TV, and possibly everything that you will need during your stay. This area has good mobile connectivity so you do not also go off the network.

dining hall

The rooms are fairly large, spacious, and clean with an attached bathroom. The large king-size bed is more than enough to accommodate two people and is very comfortable to sleep in. A sofa and a table are provided as well and there is plenty of space to keep all your luggage.


The beds were clean and very cozy. There are heaters available in all the rooms, in case you are cold at night. The washrooms are all big, neat, and well-maintained, with all modern amenities.

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This is possibly the greatest factor that works to the advantage of Maryam Cottage. Faisal ensures personally that all his guests are properly attended to and well-treated. He also has great knowledge about the region and can properly guide you about the places to visit.

There is a cook and a caretaker in the cottage that are available all the time. You do not even have to go out to eat. Just let the cook know what you would like to have and they will cook for you. I ate here for 3 days and while we kept our demand simple, whatever we asked for was cooked properly and was very delicious.

Maryam Cottage – Conclusion

I cannot really think of anything that I did not like about Maryam Cottage. We were here for a total of 3 days and I know that the next time I am in Pahalgam, this is surely where I will be staying again. I hope the information above was of help. If you have any questions, you can contact me on Instagram and I will be happy to answer. You can also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and asking a question there.

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