Lucifer Season 4 Review – Absolutely Disappointing

by Vargis.Khan

There are a lot of shows out there that start out great and will leave the audience craving for more in their initial seasons. But as the popularity grows and they run for a longer duration, things start to get a little out of hand and the whole thing comes crashing down. The makers of the shows start to think about something grand, will completely forget about what made the show popular in the beginning and then is it just all falls apart.  Lucifer Season 4 is a shining example of this theory.

Let me begin this review by first admitting that what I write below is purely my own opinion that you may or may not agree with. I had my own reasons to like this show which I found missing in the latest season and that is why I was so disappointed. Why am I saying this? Because the majority of the reviews that I read about the latest season were positive. People were all praises about why this was the best season ever and I just could not understand why.

I absolutely loved the first three seasons of Lucifer. So much that it broke my heart when I learned that the show was cancelled. And then I read that Netflix picked it up for the 4th season and I was so happy about it. I eagerly waited for its next season and unfortunately, all my happiness turned sour after I watched it.

Lucifer Season 4 Review

What made the first three seasons of Lucifer such a pleasure to watch? Was it anything about him being the Devil himself? Not all. In fact, I think if they would have just called him a demon, it still would have sold. The supernatural angle of the show was kept to a bare minimum. There were no battles between angels and demons, no hell breaking loose, no demons wanting to walk the earth and possess people. It was rather the clever murder mysteries, light humor, witty lines, great writing and the charming acting of Tom Ellis that made it such show.

Unfortunately, in season 4, all of the good things except for Tom Ellis are gone. The ‘crime solving’ Lucifer was gone. No more witty lines; no more ‘romantic or non-romantic’ chemistry between the lead characters; and no more “Lucifer turned Sherlock Holmes” story-line that made the show so popular. What they served in season 4 were half-angel and half human-babies being born; demons breaking free and possessing people to walk the earth; unnecessary murder mysteries that somehow just related to how Lucifer was feeling; and an absolutely annoying story-line that seemed to be going nowhere. When I say annoying, I mean stuff like Eve breaking up with Adam and returning to earth to have sex with Lucifer. Even the girl they picked to play Eve was so annoying, not pretty and a bad actress.


My final verdict on the latest season is that it is dull, boring, annoying and completely disappointing. If you were wanting to watch it because of the first 3 seasons then please do not. It would ruin the show for you like it did for me. The latest season is nothing like the first three. If I knew this is what they were filming for a 4th season then I would rather have prayed that they cancel it. I am disappointed almost to the level of being angry at the makers for turning a great show into an absolute mess. Please do not make any more of Lucifer. Let it be what it was. Even if they make a Season 5 after this, I know that I will not watch it.

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