Viper Fat Burner Review – Terrible Product

by Vargis.Khan

Fat burners, like a lot of other health supplements, are always a topic for a hot debate. Some will advise you to use them while others will tell you to steer clear. There is a whole variety of them available in the market today, each one claiming to be the best. Whether or not you should use and which one is an entirely different discussion but in this article, I will provide my two cents on Viper Fat Burner, a recent product that I used. There are a few fat burners available by the name “Viper” in the market but the one I am talking about here is “Goldstar Viper Fat Burner”

viper fat burner

Viper Fat Burner

Now I am not really claiming myself to be an expert on health supplements. But having been in the gym for a while now, I think I can say that I have acquired some decent amount of knowledge. Over last few years, I have used a wide range of health supplements brands including different types of proteins, pre and post work outs, multi vitamins and fat burners.

Of all the fat burners however, the one that caught me with surprise and kept me on the edge was Viper. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying this in a good way. Fat burners are supposed to make you feel energetic and full so that you eat less. They also boost up your metabolism in order to help fat loss. Did Viper do any of this? I am not really sure but yes, it did keep me on the edge all day long; but only because of other side effects. Here is how.


I do not even know whether to call it an intentional effect or a side effect, but this product will leave your throat scorched. You will continue to consume water every few minutes and still the thirst will just not go away. It is kind of hard to explain the exact feeling but it tends to leave your entire mouth and throat dry; with a very uneasy feeling and a mouthful of saliva. Do you remember the last time you were running a fever and how your mouth felt? Exactly the same feeling but without your body temperature shooting up. Consuming water will not make you feel good like it does in case of a normal thirst. It will just wet your throat for a while until you are back again to have more water.


I know a lot of people will say that it is one of the side effects of any fat burner for a first timer. But that is exactly the point here, for a first timer which I was not. I have used a few brands of fat burners but none of them made me uneasy like this one did. On top of it, the “on the edge” and “kind of nervousness” feeling is usually when you start using the supplements. After a few days of consumption, the feeling subsides but with Viper, it will be there every time you take the capsule until you empty the bottle.

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Feeling “Not Good”

This is a bit related to the point above. After consuming this product, forget about hitting the gym, you will not be able to focus on anything at all. You will continuously have that “something is not right” and “not good” feeling with a bit of shakiness. It will just make it hard for your to do anything until the effect wears off. Products like this are supposed to make you feel energetic but with viper, you will actually feel drained out. You will remain shaky and sometimes even a bit drowsy as if you have just woken up from a 12 hours sleep.

Fat Loss

Did it help with fat loss? To be honest, I do not know. Maybe it does or maybe it does not but with all that I said above, I care less. I used it for a couple of weeks hoping that it just could be the initial symptoms but after I continued to feel the same even after 15 days, I knew it was time to stop.

Viper Fat Burner Review – Final Conclusion

My final verdict would be that this product is a complete waste of time and money. I felt terrible in the 2 weeks when I used this fat burner; don’t even know what the effects would be if someone used it for longer than that. There are a lot of other good fat burners out in the market that I would recommend using. You can find plenty of choices even on Amazon. Take a look at the link below.

Fat Burners at Amazon India

In the end, stay away from this product. It will not benefit you in any way, will make you feel miserable and in the end, you will anyways just throw it out of the window.

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