Trip To Chanshal Pass

by Vargis.Khan

Chanshal Pass is a place that I had been thinking about covering for several years but always for one reason or another, the plan could never materialize until now. Our trip that was supposed to be just 4 days ended up being a 6 day trip with 2 unplanned destinations getting included. Overall it was a fun trip. It was my first time driving up an SUV, my newly bought Mahindra Thar, to a high altitude pass and such narrow roads. Initially I was not very confident of my driving skills as I had not driven a car in hilly areas, was a little scared and almost ended cancelling Chanshal Pass while in Rohru but the trip in the end turned out to be great fun. Driving was fun, roads were a mix of good, bad and worse.



Chanshal Pass

I think the roads here were my second worse that I have driven on, first being the Batal stretch towards Spiti. The only disappointment was the town of Rohru. Caught some amazing sunsets and sunrises and spent some quality time photographing those.  Below is a link to the complete travelogue and pictures from the trip if you would like to take a look at it. Click here to continue reading the complete travelogue.



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