Sacred Games Review – Nothing New So Far

by Vargis.Khan

I was under the impression that it will be something tremendously awesome by the way my friends were talking about it. Everyone was nothing but praises about this new show on Netflix called “Sacred Games”; a story of an honest cop and a mafia don. I heard so much about it that I thought to myself, “Let us give it a shot”. First I googled the show and read all those reviews; using heavy English words that I sometimes had to use the dictionary for to understand what it meant. But the reviews too confirmed the same thing that my friends told me already; that the show is a must watch. So I too decided to agree with everyone and watched it.

So what is Sacred Games? It is a Netflix series, based on a novel by Vikram Chandra with a similar name, Sacred Games. Since it is a Netflix series, the only place you can watch it on is Netflix.

sacred games

No I am not saying that it is bad. No I am not disagreeing with what everybody is saying. The only point that I am trying to make here is that it is nothing new. It is the same gangster story that we have already seen a million times in Hindi movies. Story of a small time daily laborer who joins the Mumbai underworld and rises to prominence; so much that he starts calling himself the king of Mumbai; and then eventually all the cops and politicians bow to him. He becomes invincible, starts thinking of himself as a god. Finally after a lot of twists and turns, he gets tricked by some other gangs; the cops and politicians make use of him and desert him; and then he dies in the end.

Sacred Games

Yes it is the same old story of that cop that has been the highlight of Bollywood movies for over 50 years now. The cop who is honest, has a conscience, and whose “zameer” doesn’t allow him to lie, or do something wrong. It is the same cop that is haunted by the death of an innocent killed in his wake. Yes it is that same cop whose wife left him long ago because she just couldn’t tolerate living with him anymore. And yes, it is the same cop who is mocked and targeted by rest of the police department because of his honesty.

So you see, there is nothing new here really. We have all seen this story 100 times before but we still love it nonetheless. This is the reason why the underworld and Mumbai mafia movies are mostly such a huge hit. And this is the reason why Sacred Games is getting all the attention these days.


The show stars Saif Ali Khan in the role of honest cop, Sartaj Singh. The Mafia don Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde is played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This is how the story goes. Sartaj is a honest cop. He is haunted by the death of an innocent about which he is being forced to lie about by the police commissioner. His wife has left him already. So in short, he seems like a total loser.

One day he is contacted by the Don Ganesh Gaitonde. He confronts the Don. Don tells him that everyone will die in 25 days and then Don commits suicide. Now Sartaj starts to crack the case about what the Don meant. From here on, the story bifurcates in two parts. One part covers Sartaj’s investigation. Other part covers Ganesh’s life so far leading to the moment when he commits suicide.

Final Verdict

Netflix has posted 8 episodes so far and this is the story that has been covered. Saif Ali Khan is the leading man; but a couple of episodes into it and you can tell that it is Nawazuddin Siddiqi who stole the show here. He stands out throughout the series because of his acting. The good thing about the show is that as the investigation progresses, it kind of grows on you. Even I ended up watching all the 8 episodes in a row. The picturization, acting and story build up so far is good. There is a lot of swearing and nudity involved. And I am talking about topless women and full frontal nudity showing male genitals. Every sentence in the show starts with a gaali. So if that offends you, stay away.

In the end, I will say that Sacred Games is nothing too great but worth a watch. It will all however depend on how the story progresses from here. The build up and air of mystery so far is good but it is the same old story in a new package. Whether or not it was a good series will really depend on how it ends. I am hoping that it will end in a good climax rather than falling flat on its face. For a moment I thought to read the book but then decided to wait and watch rest of the episodes.

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