Planning to cross Sach Pass this year

by Vargis.Khan

I have been thinking about visiting Sach Pass for 4 years now but have not yet been able to do so. I first thought to cross in 2011, that plan was trashed. I again planned in 2012 during my Spiti visit but even then I could not due to limited time in hand. I thought to visit Ladakh in 2013 taking the Dalhousie Chamba route to Keylong, hence crossing Sach Pass but even that plan did not materialize and we ended up travelling via Manali, yet again.

This year once again Ladakh is planned [which I know it will be several times in coming years as well] and I am bent on including Sach Pass in my itinerary this year but for now all this is just planning as it had been for last 4 years. Keeping my fingers crossed …..

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