Lost in Space Season 2 Review – Dull and Boring

by Vargis.Khan

Don’t get me wrong. I love Lost in Space as a series and absolutely fell in love with it the first time I saw it on Netflix. However, I think the first season raised the bar a bit too high. It was absolutely fun to watch and was capable of keeping you at the edge of your seat for its entire length. On the other hand, Lost in Space Season 2 doesn’t quite live up to the expectations. It is not absolutely pathetic but not interesting either.

The first season involved a little bit of a story and some character development. It was also a visual treat. But what you get in the second season is Robinsons getting in trouble and getting out of it. That is it. Nothing else happens. They will get in trouble, will almost be about to die and then one of them will play the hero and save the day. That is all that happens. It is only in the last few episodes that the story actually starts to take a meaningful turn.

Lost in Space Season 2 Review

Lost in Space Season 2 Review

The writing in this season, remarkably, takes a sharp nose dive from the first. It seems they just could not write a story at all so they just decided to do an “action-packed crisis” every ten minutes. In every episode, the cast ALMOST dies like 10 times and then they don’t. It keeps happening until it becomes annoying. It becomes tedious to see them constantly put into harm’s way as a waste of time since we know they won’t die or even be seriously injured.

The Robot in the first season was a major factor that made the show interesting. In the second season, however, his part is almost next to none. The Robot doesn’t even appear until a few episodes down and when he does, he is as boring as the Robinson themselves.

The story is full of plot holes and after a while, their logic and any progress in the story start to look childish. The family drama becomes a bit much. In every episode, there is so much hugging involved. They will all get in trouble, then they will get out of it and then they will all hug.

The pace of the show also gets so slow. Every 10 seconds there is a crisis and then we will spend the rest of the episode watching the Robinsons trying to figure how to get out of it. The CGI, which is really very good, unfortunately, can’t save the unimaginativeness of the authors in this season.


If you liked the first season as I did, then save yourself some torture and don’t watch the second season. Just think that it never came and cherish the memories of the first one. They ruined the show.

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