Kobo Gym Gloves Review – Not Worth the Price

by Vargis.Khan

Let me first admit that the only reason I bought Kobo WTG-05 Gloves was because I got it cheap in an Amazon sale. There is a sports shop near my place where I mostly buy my gym stuff from, including the gloves. The one that I was using at that time were starting to wear off; and I was thinking about buying a new one. Just for the sake of it, I thought to check online as well. It just so happened that an Amazon Sale was going on and these Gloves were being offered for just above Rs. 100. Since the price was not that much, I decided to give it a try; and trust me, after using these gloves for a few days, even Rs. 100 felt like a bit too much of price. Read on the Kobo Gym Gloves Review below to know why.

kobo gym gloves review

Kobo Gym Gloves Review

There are so many things wrong with these gloves that I am not even sure where to begin. It really looks and feels like a joke; and you will start to wonder if the person who designed these had ever seen the inside of a gym. The material and the quality is so poor that I was afraid it will tear apart on the very first day of use.

The rope like hooks on front of the gloves to help you take them off will come out in a couple of days at most. The padding is not at all effective; and the foam won’t even last for more than a couple of weeks. The name is so misleading. It reads as Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves on Amazon; but there is absolutely no leather in the product. It is all cotton and the quality of the cloth too is very cheap. Even the stitching is very poor. Ironically, you will actually have to wash it after a couple of days of use because it kinds of start to smell really bad. Overall, it is not really a product meant for lifting weights in the gym; but more for someone who wants to use it for cycling.


After the sale, price of the product now is Rs. 265 on Amazon; and mark my word, you will waste this money if you buy these gloves. I agree that it is not too much a price but you can actually get better gloves in market for lesser money. The gloves I am using right now came for Rs. 150 and is much better in quality. Just take a look around and avoid Kobo. I hope the review above was of help. If you have any other questions; please feel free to comment and ask; and I will be happy to answer.

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