Kamachi Orbitrack Elliptical OB 327 Exercise Bike Review

by Vargis.Khan

Kamachi Orbitrack Elliptical OB 327 exercise bike is one of the most disappointing products I have ever bought in my entire life. And I am not saying that because I just happened to have bought a defective piece that gave me so much trouble. I have known three different people who used this product and had the same opinion. All four people, including myself, ended up getting rid of this elliptical bike within 6 months of buying it.

kamachi-orbitrack-elliptical-ob-327-exercise-bike-reviewI am not sure where to begin with while writing about what was wrong with this elliptical bike, there are just so many things. Let me give you an example, imagine yourself working out on it and all of a sudden, one of the pedals come off and you end up falling down on the floor. That is how bad it is and this incident really happened with me. This bike is highly unstable and has serious safety concerns. No matter how tight you bolt the screws, they would keep coming off. In the six months that I used it, I always used to check all the screws before stepping up on it.

I bought this product online and it was delivered to my home with a manual showing how to assemble it. Trust me it was quite a hassle putting this together. Took me nearly 2 days to finally bring the entire thing together and get it ready for usage. Another disadvantage is of space. This thing is really huge, both in terms of length and height. You would really need to make some space for it in your house and it is quite heavy too. Dragging it around is quite a pain in itself.

It provides a full body workout like every other elliptical bike and I think that is the only positive thing that I can write about it. But for that you can buy any elliptical bike and it will serve the purpose. The calorie meter on this thing is not accurate. The resistance band wears off on weeks and you would have to call someone to replace it. The damn thing is quite noisy too and you would have to oil the joints every week to keep the noise down.

In short, I would not recommend this product to anyone. Please do not buy unless you want to bother yourself with unnecessary hassle. This bike is quite costly and you can find better options within that price range. Do not buy.

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