Firefox Cyclone Bicycle Review

by Vargis.Khan

I have been in and out of gym for several years now and when it comes to a good cardio workout, cycling had always been my favorite. I have been cycling for several years now but all this time was on a stationary bike. Switching on the TV and sitting on my stationery bike was indeed my favorite part of working out but after doing it for a while, it got a little monotonous so I started looking for an alternative. I totally hate running on a treadmill and would always prefer running outdoors which I do once or twice a week but running on city roads is not really that fun and in my opinion not safe either, especially in a city like Delhi, even if you try to make it as early as possible like 4 AM so that there are fewer vehicles on the roads (and oh yes, do not forget about the stray dogs). Running around circling in a park is not that enjoyable either so I decided to try cycling outdoors a few months ago. After looking at several options, I decided to buy a Firefox cyclone bicycle as my first outdoor bike (for workout, I am not talking about the cycles we rode on when we were kids). The time I bought it, I absolutely had no idea that I would fall so much in love with the idea of cycling outdoors and the bicycle as well.

Firefox Cyclone Bicycle

Firefox Cyclone Bicycle

I am writing this review from the point of view of an absolute beginner who have had no experience in biking (bicycles I mean, I do have a lot of experience in motorcycles)so I will just be covering the part of what I like about it and what I do not because I have just been using it for cycling 1 hour every day. I have not taken it out of the city, have not done any cycling trips on it and have never taken it up the hills. I have also never used any other bike so If you really want to dig in deep, or compare it with other bicycles you will not find the answer here.

Here are some specifications of the bike.

Firefox Cyclone Bicycle:


  • Sizes : 18″ & 19.5″
  • Frame : Alloy Hardtail MTB
  • Front Suspension : ZOOM Front suspension, 50mm
  • Rear Suspension : N/A


  • Shifters : SHIMANO EF51, 7 Speed
  • Front Deraileur : SHIMANO TX50
  • Rear Deraileur : SHIMANO TX35D
  • Crankset : Steel 24/34/42,170mm
  • BB Set : Steel 5 Pcs
  • Freewheel : SHIMANO TZ21 14-28T, 7 speed
  • Pedals : PP


  • Wheels : Alloy 36H Double wall Rims
  • Tires : 26 X 2.125″


  • Seat Post : Steel 27.2 X 300mm
  • Handlebar : Steel 640mm,30mm rise
  • Stem : Alloy, 28.6mm
  • Headset : Steel 1-1/8″ threadless
  • Brakeset : Front Tektro Disc & Rear Steel “V” Brake w/Shimano levers


  • Front Wheel & Seat post with QR

Pros – It comes for about Rs. 15000 thought I got it at a much lesser price, for around Rs. 12,000. Considering the fact that there are bikes that can get really costly, I found Cyclone to be really reasonably priced. It is a good hardtrail bike with alloy frame, shimano gears and good brakes within budget.The weight of the bicycle is not really that much and it is easy to lift and move around. The gear system is good and though I have never taken it up the hills, shifting to smaller gears makes it really convenient to climb over the Delhi flyovers. Bike weights about 14 kg and ride is very light on flat roads. It is not really that big either and can easily fit and sit in a corner of your house, does not take much of space.

Cons – Very uncomfortable seat and you will definitely have to buy a seat cover so that you can sit on it for long. I am about 5”8 but I think it may get a little uncomfortable if you are taller, like 6” or above so do try sitting on it before you buy. The gear system too gets a little fussy to change after a while but it does not really bother that much if you keep your bike services and oiled properly

Overall, I would definitely recommend this bike. So far I have only used it for my workouts but now I am considering taking it out on a trip, up in the hills and see how it performs. Riding it in early morning hours with cool breeze on my face is definitely fun. It you are someone like me who needs a bike for workout, or if you are want to get into mountain biking and bike trips and want to buy something within the budget initially to start with, Firefox Cyclone is definitely the bike for you.

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Sudhir K Singh March 12, 2018 - 9:25 pm

My height is 172 CMs which is a little less than 5.9 feet. What is the right frame for me? 18″ or 19.5″

MANIT September 17, 2017 - 6:15 pm

How did you get it for 12000? I am getting it for 15000 at a store near me.

Vargis.Khan September 17, 2017 - 8:37 pm

That is the actual price, as I mentioned in the post. I just kind of got lucky there in getting a good deal.

Abuthahir August 23, 2017 - 10:59 am

I am also desire to buy this one.
This post is really encourage me.
Is there any prostate problems while riding?
What is your age and weight?

Vargis.Khan August 23, 2017 - 1:10 pm

No problem at all. I am 30 and weight is around 70


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