Failed Photography Walk at Humayun’s Tomb

by Vargis.Khan

“We were there at 5.30 but the tomb was not open yet. We waited patiently for the guard to open the gate but the clock kept ticking and there was no sign of someone with the keys. I started to get a little impatient when the clock showed 5.50 as the sun was about to come up. There was a guard sitting at the gate and I asked him why wasn’t he opening the gates to which he answered that he did not have the keys and another guy was about to come up who was in-charge of opening and ticket distribution. Impatient and annoyed, we kept waiting and the clock kept ticking. Finally the guy who was to open the gate came at 6.20 and by that time, the sun was already up. I had already missed one thing that I came for but there was still time to get some good morning shots.”

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We went for a photography walk at Humayun’s tomb but unfortunately nothing went as planned. Rather than taking some shots of the magnificent tomb with my DSLR, I ended up testing my friend’s newly bought Lenovo VibeX smartphone. Click here to continue reading.

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