Dhanaulti Travelogue – Visiting Dhanaulti once again

by Vargis.Khan

Dhanaulti Travelogue – Dhanaulti has been like a second home to me ever since I first visited this place. I landed up in Dhanaulti by accident years ago while we were attempting a trip to Gangotri. Spent a day here amidst heavy rains and I was hooked to the place. The tranquil, silence and natural beauty of the place mesmerized me so much that I kept visiting here over and over again. It became my weekend getaway and in every way brought in a passion of traveling within me. I have always loved to travel as I was born to an Army officer which meant that my family kept getting transferred every few years and we will land up in a new city altogether.

Dhanaulti Travelogue

Dhanaulti Travelogue

But this was a different kind of travel, not really the fun and adventurous type but after my trip to Dhanaulti, I discovered a whole new meaning to the word “Travel”. Even though now I have travelled to several places in last few years, Dhanaulti still remains to be my weekend getaway. Click on the link below to read the complete travelogue.

Dhanaulti Travelogue

The town is barely an hour from Mussorie but way more peaceful and in my opinion way more scenic. I would really recommend this to anyone wanting to get away for a couple of days from the busy and rushed city life.

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