Barot House Movie Review : Nothing Impressive

by Vargis.Khan

There was really just one thing that was truly great about Barot House, and that was the acting of Child Actor Aaryan Menghji who plays the role of Malhar in the movie. Rest all just fails to impress. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that it was a horrible movie.  But at its best, it just manages to be a mild entertainer. You just sit and watch this thriller without getting bored but without getting impressed either. It won’t manage to keep you on the edge of the seat but is still a decent one time watch over a weekend if you had nothing else to see.

The movie is being promoted as a whodunit but it isn’t one. The identity of the murderer is revealed quite early and it doesn’t even leave a window of doubt either.  Rest of the movie is about what happens next to the killer. It tries to pull off a twist ending in the last 5 minutes but there isn’t much of a twist left by then.

Barot House Movie Review

Barot House is a ZEE5 Original film streaming online, which means that you got to have ZEE5 membership to be able to watch it. It stars Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnnis; and tells the story of a family that is struck by tragedy when two of the daughters of the family get murdered.  It mostly received positive reviews upon its release; but the performance of young Aaryan Menghji who plays their son Malhar was considered the greatest. The movie claims to be based on a true story and traces the lives of Amit Barot and Bhavna Barot. I cannot really comment on this because I was not able to find the original story that this movie is said to be based on.

The couple has four kids, and their lives are turned upside down after two of their daughters get murdered. The needle of suspicion then points from one character to another. The identity of the murderer is released about half an hour into the movie. I think the makers still wanted to maintain the suspense and keep the doubt factor alive; but weren’t able to do so. You are certain about who the murderer is; and after that, the rest of the movie is only about what happens next.

Final Verdict

The performances of Amit Sadh and Aaryan Menghji are awesome; but rest of the cast just fails to keep up. The whole environment of the movie as well seems a little dull; and you never feel the chill that you would expect from a thriller. The movie clearly struggles with budgetary constraints and limitations of imagination.

With all that said, it is still a decent enough one time watch over a weekend if you had a Zee5 Subscription. Just keep your expectations low and do not expect anything too great. It is no mind-blower of a movie but won’t leave you yawning either. I just wish that they had a better screenplay and a greater cast to support it.

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