VPX Liquid Clenbutrx Fat Burner Review

by Vargis.Khan

Fat burners are always subject to mixed opinions, especially in a country like India. Some people will tell you to take it and some people will just try to scare you by telling really horrible stories related to the side effects of fat burners. Anyways, whether or not you should take fat burner and how is a discussion of another day. I recently tried the Liquid Clenbutrx by VPX and here is my review of it.


VPX Liquid Clenbutrx

Package: Comes in a really nice looking package with a handy 6 ml syringe which I guess is to make the product look more hardcore but do not let that scare you. The syringe is not for you to inject the fat burner. It is just to measure your 5 ml dose. There is also another version of the packing where they have replaced the syringe with a plastic spoon kind of thing that has a measuring body attached to it.

Dosage: The bottle label asks you to take two 5 ml doses twice a day, once as soon as you wake up and another sometime in the afternoon. I used to take my first dose upon waking up and another half an hour before the gym in the evening.

Servings: The servings can be somewhere between 40 to 45. I am saying that because sometimes you can go a little up and down while measuring the 5 ml dose so the actual number of servings can vary but will be around 40. It will last 20 to 25 days if you take twice and a month and half if you just take one serving.

Taste: Don’t even get me started on it. This stuff tastes like death, like some really bad whiskey. I am a non-alcoholic so have never tasted whiskey but I am guessing that this is what it would probably taste like. It would really make you puke and the bad taste would stay in your mouth for a while. I always had to drink water after I took the serving. You can probably imagine what I am talking about from the fact that I used to take it in the morning before I brushed my teeth so that the foul taste would go away after brushing. And it is really thick too; really need to shake the bottle before you take the serving.

Performance: This is where it makes up for the bad taste. This stuff really works. It immediately gives an amazing burst of energy. The first day I took it, I felt a little jittery for about two hours, my hands started to shake a little. However the next day, the shaking effect was gone and I just felt energetic. It really kills the appetite and if you took it the moment you woke up, you probably would end up skipping the breakfast altogether. For the fat loss part, I immediately started to notice the results within a week of starting to use it. The water weight was gone and my waist size came down a couple of inches after taking it for a month.

Price: This is another downside to it. This stuff is really expensive. It cost me over 3k for a bottle of it.

Overall: If you do not mind the price tag and bad taste, I would say you should really try it if fat loss is on your mind. Keep in mind though that fat burners do not work if you just sit at home eating. You really need to step into a gym and work out or do a lot of cardio along with using the fat burner or else you are just wasting money.

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