Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Review

by Vargis.Khan

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Review

There are a lot of whey protein brands in Indian market today and finding the right one that fits into your budget and requirement is not really that big a deal anymore. While all these supplements are still getting imported at least there is a wide variety to choose from now which was not the case a few years ago. When I started Gym a few years ago, the name that ruled the Whey protein market was Optimum Nutrition. No matter who I asked, everyone suggested me only one name, Optimum Nutrition Whey protein. There were a few other brands available at that time too but the name ON was so big that it overshadowed all other brands. Like a lot of other people at that time, for me too ON was the first whey protein that I tried and continued to do so for quite a while until there prices went a little too steep and I found options equally good but within a better price range.

Now after a long time I once again bought Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein chocolate flavor. Primary reason for doing so was because I was getting a good deal with a great discount. I was quite happy with ON when I tried it first and price was the only reason why I moved away from it so now when I was offered ON again at a great price, I immediately grabbed the opportunity. This review is more like sharing my personal experience because I think everyone already know that it is a good whey protein that you can try with an assurance of results.

Price: This is I think the biggest drawback with ON. Their prices have over the last few years gone up drastically. A 10 lbs pack in India will easily cost you well over Rs. 10000 whereas you can get the same amount of equally good whey protein of some other brand anywhere between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,000.

Servings: A 5 lbs pack contains 71 servings which in my opinion is a fair deal. A 10 lbs pack has about 140 servings.

Nutrition: As per the label on the box,

“”As per the label on the box

  • Packed with Whey Protein Isolates
  • Higher protein percentage (24 grams of protein; 75% protein by weight)
  • Includes Hydrowhey, strategically hydrolyzed low molecular weight whey pedtides to make protein faster acting
  • Contains Lactase and Aminogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization
  • Whey protein microfractions
  • Over 4 grams of Glutamine
  • More than 5 grams of BCAAs in each scoop””

All this for 130 calories  and 1.5 grams of fat per serving.

Taste: Taste amazingly delicious. I have tried several other brands but in terms of taste, none came even closer to Optimum Nutrition Whey protein. They probably have more flavors than any other protein brand. I have tried Chocolate and Cookins & Cream and they both taste delicious.

Mixing ability: No issues at all. Mix it with either Water or Milk, a few shakes in the shaker and it dissolves almost immediately. No gritty texture or residues as long as you mix with a shaker bottle or blender of course.

Performance and Gains: “Amazing results” is what I will summarize it with when it comes to ON. Use this Whey protein, eat right, work hard in the gym and you are bound to see results and gain muscle. This was my first whey and the gains I got at that time with ON were amazing. If it wasn’t for the price, I probably would never have considered using some other brand. Even after all these years ON is one of the best-selling products and the reasons behind are great taste, easily mixed and great performance with not too many carbs. This is one product that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great whey protein.

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