Gained Weight – Time to Hit the Gym Again

by Vargis.Khan

I started working out about 10 years ago and have been regular to the gym ever since. It was always an important part of my entire day; that I have to go to the gym everyday; even if it is just for half an hour on days when I was very tired or short on time. Then back in September 2016, the routine broke due to some turmoil in personal life; and I have been struggling to get back to the gym ever since. In last year and a half, I have not stepped in to the gym even once; and also stopped any other kind of cardiovascular exercises like cycling or jogging etc. I have been sitting home and eating without a second though; so in short, a perfect situation to have gained weight.

I don’t really know whether to call it for better or worse but to add to it all, I also decided to quit smoking about 4 months ago in December of 2017. I was quite a heavy smoker, about 15 cigarettes a day when I stopped cold turkey. As a result of this, I started to eat even more; all the time as a matter of fact.

Gained Weight

About a year and a half since I quite gym, 4 months since I gave up smoking and now I am seriously overweight. About 90% of my wardrobe does not fit me anymore. It is also because of the fact that every guy regular to the gym buys body hugging clothes to show off. So yes most of my clothes cannot be worn now without all the fat and my belly sticking out almost in a highly distasteful manner. I am managing in about 10% of all the clothes that I own. As of today, I weigh about 83 kilograms which makes me about 10 kilograms overweight; considering my height of 5”8.

I started cycling around in Feb but the gym and overall rigor was really missing. I joined back Gym in March for a few days but then stopped again. So now it is time to stick to a strict schedule and get back in shape. As of now, since April first actually; I am cycling about 20 – 25 kilometers everyday which takes me about 75 to 80 minutes. After the cycling I am in the gym for another 45 minutes to 1 hour; so that is a minimum of 2 hours of workout everyday. I am also keeping a count of my calories, target is to keep it around 1500 to 1700 daily. This also include 2 scoops of whey protein and 1 scoop of Casein protein every day.

I will continue working out hard and track my progress on this page. So it is April 12th since I start working out seriously; control diet and focus on to get back in shape.

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