Anytime Fitness Gym – Joined Today for a Change

by Vargis.Khan

I was never really big on expensive gyms. I think my reason behind that was that I just wanted to stay fit; and wasn’t too keen on bulging biceps and 6 pack abs. Some cardio, light weight lifting and stretches did the job well for me. For last year and a half however, I struggled big time keeping up with my fitness regime. I am actually still struggling and realized that boredom was too actually a contributing factor. To avoid that, I finally today joined Anytime Fitness Gym in my area. It was my first day today and so far, I kinda actually liked the gym.

So far in my life, I have never paid for than Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 as my Gym fee per month. There is a gym in my area that is owned by a guy that I have known for quite a while. He actually runs the gym in his basement but has decent enough equipment. With cheap per month charge and my light workouts, it served the purpose well. Then back in September of 2016, I stopped working out completely. Both cardio and resistance training stopped completely. I just sat at home and ate my way to obesity until the end of 2017. Yes, for a good 15 months. I gained close to 20 kgs during this time.

So my resolution for 2018 was to get back in shape. It however took another 2 months to get started on it and it was only after March that I put on my running shoes and stepped out of my hope. For next 3 months, I ran like hell and dropped about 15 kgs. So the weight was almost back under control and it was time to hit the weights and that is what I just couldn’t get myself to do. For next 3 months, I went to the gym for 1 or 2  days a week and that too half-hearted.

This is when I realized that maybe some change would help me keep up with the schedule. I mean for how long can you workout of someone’s damp basement anyways. The only plus point I had there was that for the first 2 hours, I had the entire gym to myself and there was no one else working out but me. But I just did not feel like going there anymore and decided for a change. There is an Anytime Fitness Gym near my place that I signed up for. Charges were a bit high than what I have paid so far but as far as my first impression goes, it isn’t too unreasonable. I will post another review of the place after I have been there for a few months but so far, it seems to be all good.

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