Flower Photography – The Mesmerizing Beauty In Colors

by Vargis.Khan

Flower Photography by Vargis Khan

I have always enjoyed photographing flowers. Show me a bunch a flowers and my camera will immediately pop out. These are some shots that I took during one of my trips. We were staying at a nice hotel and the owner had this small garden on the terrace with a wide variety of flowers. I remember I took a lot of shots that day but these are the ones that I believe turned out to be the best. Camera used was a Nikon D7000 and lenses were a standard 18-105 and a 70-300 tele.

I am not really a flower expert and did not know names of most of the flowers in that garden. Rose was of course one flower that I was familiar with so let me start with a couple of Roses.


Flower Photography

This next shot is of the second rose in the background. I decided to experiment a little with this pic and turned the entire shot black and white except for the rose. It is a quite simple enough trick that you can apply in Photoshop. Let me know if you are interested in knowing how.


Flower Photography

I do not know the name of the flowers in this next shot but they look close enough to be a rose I think. Or maybe it is the red color that is similar in both, these flowers and the roses.


Flower Photography

I really loved the way the flower is hanging down between the leaves in this next shot. It was not broken or anything but that is just the way it grew because this particular type of flower in all the flower pots was hanging downwards. A nice contract of green and purple with a yellow background.


Flower Photography

No colors here but these white flowers were no less stunning. I tried to get a close up shot of these photos to get a picture of the green and yellow colors between the petals but unfortunately wasn’t carrying my macro lens. I specifically like the way the background is blurred out in this pic presenting a nice combination of yellow, green, red and bluish black at the right hand bottom corner.


Flower Photography

And this last one is my favorite. The sky was cloudy that day. I sat down on the terrace and took this shot taking the white sky as background. Honestly I wasn’t expecting this one to turn out any good. I tried real hard to get a shot with just the flowers and the sky with no trees in the background but unfortunately there were trees all around and appeared in this picture as well.

flower photography

Flower Photography

I am not really a professional photographer and I do not even consider myself any good at photography. This was just my amateur attempt to capture the beauty of these flowers. Any feedback is most welcome.

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