My First Time at Flowers Macro Photography

by Vargis.Khan

Photography has been my hobby for quite some time now, several years as a matter of fact. It actually started after I started to travel around a lot. I initially bought a Kodak point and shoot camera but gradually, Photography as a hobby grew on me and I bought a DSLR. My first DSLR was Nikon D40, then a D60, then a D90 and finally a D7000 that I am still using. My photography however initially remained limited to shooting landscapes up in the hills. Later, I started shooting monuments located within Delhi and then shooting flowers planted in the gardens within these monuments. Clicking those flowers is when I started to think about Macro photography and to try my hand at it, borrowed a Macro lens from a friend before buying my own. Now it was time for some Flowers macro photography.

Now this lens he gave me was a Sigma one and an old one for that matter that came with a film DSLR my friend had. It however mounted my Nikon D7000 well and after clicking the shots below, I think even the images turned out quite well.

This one is my favorite of all, a couple of roses.


Flowers Macro Photography

Notice the water drops on the petals? There was no rain in the morning so either it was just dew or maybe someone watered the plants, I do not know.


Flowers Macro Photography

Sunrise in the background, turning the sky to Orange.


Flowers Macro Photography

The same flower with a different angle, bringing the sun out.


Flowers Macro Photography

I really liked this flower.


Flowers Macro Photography

A flower about to bloom.


Flowers Macro Photography

Notice the ants at work?


Flowers Macro Photography

Love the way the Sigma lens was able to bring the details out.


Flowers Macro Photography

Notice the Bee?

flowers macro photography

Flowers Macro Photography

One thing that I learnt was that you really need a Tripod for Macro photography. With that close to the subject and fully zoomed in, even the slightest shake was blurring the image. I struggled a lot initially and then turned the shooting mode to continuous burst high, clicking 6 images every time I pressed the click button. Out of the 6 for every shot, 1 or 2 came out fine, rest blurred. So if you are also new to Macro photography and planning to try it out, be sure to carry a Tripod.

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pankajpoddar June 27, 2017 - 4:26 pm

Brilliant pics. Which lens do you use?

Vargis.Khan June 27, 2017 - 4:57 pm

Thanks Pankaj. It is an old Nikon lens actually that I borrowed from a friend. It actually came with his Film SLR camera.


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