Exploring Sach Pass and Pangi Valley

by Vargis.Khan

A close friend of mine, Sachin Rai Vaid, recently traveled to Sach Pass and Pangi Valley. He was kind enough to share some pictures and details of his trip which I will post here. The best part of his trip that I really admired was that he traveled to some of the remotest areas near Sach Pass and across Pangi Valley. Most of the people, including myself, just aim for and cross Sach Pass. Very few realize that a little ahead lies the beautiful Pangi Valley; which in terms of scenic beauty far exceeds the mighty Sach. Read through the travelogue and next time you plan for Sach, definitely add a couple of days to explore the Pangi Valley; I know I definitely will.

Route: Chandigarh – Chamba Jot – Khajjiar – Chamba – Bairagarh – Satrundi – Sach Pass – Killar – Sural Bhatori – Killar – Hundan Bhatori – Killar – Cherry – Udaipur – Tandi – Keylong – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Pang – Tso Kar – Sarchu – Rohtang Pass – Manali – Kasol – Chandigarh

Duration: 16 Days Of Leisure (16.6.17 -30.6.17)

Vehicle: 4#4 s10 Scorpio (Only 1000 kms old)

Travelers: Only 2 persons.

Exploring Sach Pass and Pangi Valley

Since we had done Ladakh 5 times, we wanted to do Sach pass and Pangi Valley. We wanted to make it a leisurely trip. Sach pass and Pangi valley turned out to be far beyond our expectations. Sach Pass and road from Killar to Keylong gives you the high that comes with sheer adventure. Cliffhanging roads, freezing temperature, Landslides, Nallahs overflowing the roads and insane water crossings (one of them is actually named Pagal Nallah because its flow and direction is unpredictable).

Pangi valley is Lush green and abundantly beautiful. Its hues and environment puts you in such a close contact with nature which cannot be aptly described in words. Most importantly the places have their virginity intact, Not much people have reached these sub valleys. Whole valley has a unique fragrance. May be it emanates from Rare Ayurvedic Herbs & Herbal plants (Very Expensive)which are found here. Pangi valley along with its several sub-valleys like Sural, Hundan & Saichu is an experience of a lifetime. People generally do not spend time here and rush to reach Kishtwar or Ladakh whereas it is a hidden gem to be explored.

I would definitely rate the experience much higher than the trips to Ladakh,  Nubra, Kargil via Manali or Srinagar.

Night 1 – Camping at Khajjiar

This was our destination for Day 1. I found a guy named Vineet Thakur while looking at internet for options to camp near Khajjiar. This guy has his own tents and can take you for small treks in – around Khajjiar; can arrange camping and Bonfire for you. Since we had to reach Khajjiar only by late evening, so i was left with no time to find any appropriate campsite for pitching our tents. I went to Khajjiar via Chamba Jot (Dalhousie won’t come in this way). Chamba Jot is also a beautiful place. (It has hotels and Tents to stay.) I called Vineet from Chamba Jot and requested him to find an appropriate campsite for us and to pitch his own tent there. So that when we would reach, we`ll have our camp ready.

He pitched his own tent inside an apple orchard and arranged for food and other services from the adjacent house of a local. We reached there at 8 pm. Did Bonfire, drank, made merry and slept. It was only in the morning that we discovered that we were sleeping at a fabulous location, inside an apple orchard. Vineet thakur can be contacted at 8894555048. His prices are very reasonable. More reasonable than you would think.

sach pass and pangi valley

Day 2: Khajjiar to Bairagarh to Dind

Destination for Day 2 was Bairagarh. We were looking for a camp site at Bairagarh rather than staying at a hotel; and fortunately found one about 7 kilometers after Bairagarh; a place called Dind where we pitched our own tent. There is a small camp site here if you are not carrying your own camping gear.

sach pass and pangi valley

Night 3- Killar  PWD Rest House

Finally on this day we came face to face with mighty Sach Pass. We started from Dind, crossed Satrundi, climbed across Sach Pass and stayed for the night at Killar PWD rest house.

The road from Satrundi towards Sach Pass.

sach pass and pangi valley

And finally crossed Sach Pass through several feet of snow walls.

sach pass and pangi valley sach pass and pangi valley sach pass and pangi valley

Continued: Experiencing the Magic of Sural Bhatori

This travelogue is continued on the next page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below or at our Community Forum; and I will be glad to answer.

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Yves Balmer October 17, 2019 - 3:01 am

I am Swiss and have been trekking to Killar 1973.

Vargis.Khan October 17, 2019 - 5:56 am

That is good to hear Yves. How was it back in 1973?


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