by Vargis.Khan


We were on a motorcycle trip to Leh in July 2013. My motorcycle’s rear tyre had gone flat somewhere close to Mandi in Himachal and while we were waiting for the mechanic to fix it, Shoaib took hold of my camera and off he went to click a few shots of the surrounding hills. A while later he came back and showed me a picture he managed to click and it completely surprised me. It was a picture of a honeybee sitting on a flower and I was surprised not because I doubted Shoaib’s photography skills but because the camera had a 18-105 lens mounted on it which means that he must have had to get a little close to have managed to click the shot below. close enough to have scared the bee away but it was so busy in sucking the nectar out of the flower that it barely noticed Shoaib standing close by.

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