Biox Power Casein Complex Review

by Vargis.Khan

Biox Power Casein Complex Review

Whey protein of course gets all the hype. Say protein and everyone will say Whey. Whey will provide you an immediate benefit and hence it is good to consume it immediately after workout. But with that, you also need to think about recovery over a longer period of time and this is where Casein comes into picture. Casein protein is a slow-releasing protein which keeps feeding protein to your body slowly and continues the recovery process throughout the day (even while sleeping) when you will be going for an extended period of time without a high protein meal.

biox power casein complex review

Biox Power Casein Complex Review

As per the label on the box,

“Power Casein Complex
Ultra sustained-release protein complex
Power Casein is the ultimate anti-catabolic protein complex, its ultra sustained-release feature makes it ideal to consume prior to bedtime or other period when you will be going for an extended period of time without a high protein mean.
Power Casein is naturally high in the critical and anti-catabolic amino acids Glutamine and BCAA. In fact, its amino acid profile consists of 21% Glutamine and 20% BCAA.
Power Casein is further enhanced with the addition of Powerzyme, our unique digestive enzyme complex.
Power Casein makes a smooth, thick and delicious high protein shake that will leave you satisfied for hours!”

 I have been in and out of gym for several years now but like most of the people, my protein supplement remained limited to consuming whey protein powder. I knew about Casein protein and what it was but never really gave it much thought until my gym coach advised me to add it to my diet plan. The one I bought was Biox Power protein and here is a short review of how I found the product to be.

Initially I thought to buy from some big name like ON but then a friend of mine suggested me Biox Power which he was using and was quite satisfied with the results so I too thought to give it a try. After consuming a 5 lbs pack, I must admit that I am happy with the results and do not regret spending my money on Biox.

Price: Even though Biox is not a really well know brand, their prices I think are a bit steep. I bought a 5lbs pack for Rs. 5000 but depending on where or who you buy it from, it can vary anywhere between 5-6,500. I was a little apprehensive too about buying it initially as it was at par with some other big brands that I knew were quite good but now I think their price is reasonable enough considering the results.

Servings: A 5 lbs pack has about 62 servings which I think is OK if not too good. With some of the other brands, servings for the same weight can be up to 70 but the difference is not really that much.

Nutrition: Each scoop of Biox Power whey contains 25 grams of protein which I think is quite good. With protein, every serving also has 5grams Glutamine and 5 grams of BCAA, good for recovery. Total fat consumed for 130 calories per serving is 2 grams. Not bad at all overall.

Taste: Do not let me even start on this. This stuff tastes horrible but it is just not with Biox Power. Casein tastes like that with almost every brand. You really need milk to gulp it down, will be tough with plain water. If you have only used Whey protein like me, it will be a while before you get used to this new taste. It of course comes in several flavors but it honestly doesn’t help.

Mixing Ability: Very hard to mix but once again the problem is not brand specific. No matter which one you buy, casein will always be a little tougher to mix than Whey. You really need to shake the shaker hard to ensure that the powder mixes well and no lumps remain.

Right now I am consuming both Whey and Casein protein. I take one scoop of Casein protein upon waking up, then Whey protein after work out (which I do in the evening, not morning) and then again on scoop of Biox Power before going to bed. This makes up for about 100 grams of protein and for the rest, I depend on Eggs, milk and Chicken which is part of my daily diet. It is hard to comment on how muscle gain part and hard to attribute it to just Biox Power since I have other taking protein from other sources as well. The fact that is for sure however is that this stuff will keep your stomach full. I just take one scoop in the morning with milk and I barely feel like eating anything at all for my breakfast. I feel full for at least a couple of hours so if you are trying to cut down or lose weight, this stuff will definitely help with hunger suppression. This product is also easy on stomach so you will not have any kind of problem there as well.

My final verdict will be that this product is well worth the money. I will definitely recommend it to others and will continue using it for coming months. I hope this information was helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment and ask and I would be glad to help. If you have used the product yourself, please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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