Singe La Pass in Ladakh – An Adventurous Drive

by Vargis.Khan

singe la pass

Singe La (also spelled as Singge La) is a mountain pass located in the Ladakh region of India at an elevation of 16,590 ft. It is one of the two passes, the other one being Sirsir La, that connects Padum in Zanskar to Lamayuru in Ladakh.

The road across the pass remains open between late May to early October. It remains closed in the winter season due to heavy snowfall.

Singe La at a distance of 107 kilometers from Padum and 103 kilometers from Lamayuru. The road to the pass is tarred for only about 30 kilometers from the Padum side and 20 kilometers from the Lamayuru side. The rest of it is a narrow and steep dirt road.

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You can watch the following videos of my journey to Singe La Pass.

Part 1

Part 2

How to reach Singe La

The only way to reach Singe La is by your own vehicle or a private taxi. There is no public transport available on this route.

The pass is best known for its tough incline and attracts adventure seekers from all over the country. It also offers an amazing eagle-eye view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

There are no petrol pumps, mechanics, or medical assistance available anywhere on this route. Accommodation however is available in the form of homestays in villages like Lingshed, Hanupatta, Skumpatta, and Fanjila.

Jio has good phone connectivity in the region but only works near the villages. There is no network reception at the top of Singe La Pass.

BSNL also works well in and around Zanskar Valley but the network is intermittent and weak. No other networks work in this area.

It is a route best suited for people with experience in driving on such roads and the hilly region. The best car would be a 4X4 SUV but any other vehicle with high ground clearance is also good enough.

If traveling by bike, it would be better to ride solo. If riding with a pillion, your motorcycle is bound to stall at a lot of places after which, you will have to get down and push across the steep incline.


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