Razdan Pass Gurez, Kashmir – Sightseeing & Trip Planning

by Vargis.Khan

Razdan Pass

Razdan Pass is a high mountain pass at an altitude of 3557 meters (11,672ft). It is located on the Srinagar – Gurez road at a distance of 72 kilometers from Srinagar and 16 kilometers from Bandipora. The road across the pass connected the valley of Gurez with the rest of Kashmir.

It is also known as Tragbal Pass and Rajdhan pass and remains closed from November to March because of the huge amount it receives in the winter season. It was once an integral part of the Silk route between Kashmir and Central Asia.

Razdan Pass is one of the lesser-known passes of Kashmir. Not many people know of it and hardly any tourists go this way. A trip to Razdan Pass can easily be done in a single day if you were short on time.

If you had a couple of days in hand, you can extend the journey all the way to Gurez and stay for the night in the valley. For more details on Gurez Valley, please take a look at How to Plan a Trip to Gurez – A Complete Travel Guide.

How to Reach Razdan Pass

The route from Srinagar is as mentioned below.

  • Srinagar – Mansabal – Bandipora – Razdan Pass

The entire length of this road is tarred and in good condition. From Srinagar, you will take the road towards Mansabal Lake and then continue towards Bandipore from there. The ascent for Razdan Pass starts near Bandipora from where the top of the pass is about 16 kilometers.

The total travel time will be about 3 hours to reach the pass. From Srinagar, it will become a day trip and will take about 6 to 7 hours for a return journey.

Razdan Pass

What to see at Razdan Pass

The only thing to see at Razdan Pass is the mesmerizingly beautiful views. Standing at the top, you get a 360-degree view of the entire valley around. Lush green vistas on every side will surely have their effect on you.

At the top, there is also a Peer Baba shrine.  It sits beautifully overlooking the valley in front and is maintained by the Indian Army.

The entire location and the setup of Dargah make it worth taking a short break. The saint buried here is believed to have arrived from Lahore in 1933 and was buried at the pass.

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How to Plan a Trip to Razdan Pass

The best way to plan a trip to Razdan Pass is to include it with your Gurez Valley itinerary. On Day 1, start early from Srinagar, cross Razdan Pass and arrive in Dawar in Gurez Valley. Stay there for the night.

You can spend Day 2 of your trip sightseeing in Gurez Valley. Take a drive to Chakwali Village and visit the Tilal District. If you were short on time, you can skip this day.

On Day 3, start from Dawar and cross the pass once again to return to Srinagar. You will have to take the same route back as there is no alternate road for the return journey. This is the only road that connects Gurez to Srinagar.

gunjit narang

Mobile Network at Razdan Pass

MTNL / BSNL has the widest coverage in this area. Jio has the strongest network in and around Dawar and provides 4G data speed. All postpaid phones will work till Bandipore. But once you cross over Razdan Pass, only a postpaid BSNL or Jio phone will continue to work. Apart from BSNL and Jio, no other network works at Razdan Pass or in Gurez Valley.


I hope the information above on planning a trip to Razdan Pass was of help. If you have any questions, you can contact me on Instagram and I will be happy to answer. You can also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and asking a question there.

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Anagha Korde April 21, 2024 - 5:03 am

Dear Vargisji

sir, i am Anagha senior citizen , me and husband planning for visit to Gurez Valley Razdan pass, Habba khatune, tulle valley with one of travel company
Whether it is advisable to go and safe . We are 65+
Best regards

Insha Farooqui April 5, 2024 - 12:32 am


I’m planning to visit Kashmir on 12th April 2024 till 21st April

I have added few places to the list.

Srinagar, Kargil, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Gurez. What would be the best route to start and end this trip.

I was thinking

Srinagar to Kargil – 1N in Kargil

Kargil to Sonmarg to Srinagar – night stay Srinagar

Srinagar to Pahalgam – 2N

Pahalgam to Gulmarg – 2N

Gulmarg to Gurez – 1 N

Gurez to Srinagar – 2N

Please let me know, it’ll be of great help. We will be hiring innova

Samata April 1, 2023 - 4:29 pm

Nice information as usual. Just can you please confirm snow possibility in may end at razdan pass and sinthan top?

Vargis.Khan April 2, 2023 - 6:55 am

Thank you. There won’t be any snow in May, maybe just a little at the top of the pass

kamal kalra June 16, 2023 - 4:55 am

sir please tell me i have only one day in spare in srinagar and i want to go to peer ki gali and aharbal waterfall or razdan pass . vargis ji which pass is more beautiful in terms of views

Vargis.Khan June 16, 2023 - 8:25 am

If you have one day then go to Aharbal and Peer ki Gali pass. Both easily doable in a day

Gagandeep Singh March 24, 2023 - 8:28 am

I have loved your blogs and am planning a trip to Gurez in May 2023 with my family. We are hoping that our Thar jeep can manage the drive to Gurez and Dawar. Thank you so much for your evocative and lovely writing. You are an ambassador of Kashmir!

Vargis.Khan March 24, 2023 - 10:18 am

Thank you for your kind words. Thar will be fine. I visited Gurez last year in my Thar, no problem anywhere at all.

SAMIR DAS , KOLKATA December 21, 2022 - 1:09 pm

sir, i , samir das, kolkata, 3 heads, want to go to RAZDAN PASS ans others on 24 th october 2023.
is it possible for us ? and alsao go to KARGIL after that visit.
please asdvise us. i am a regular floower of u.

Vargis.Khan December 24, 2022 - 3:07 pm

Hello Mr. Das – Yes you can

Subhasis Jayasingh December 9, 2022 - 7:05 pm

Such a brilliant and brief blog m really impressed.
Actually i am a doctor from odisha me and my friends are planning a kashmir trip in march 1st week so can we visit razdan pass at that time ?

Vargis.Khan December 10, 2022 - 1:18 pm

Thanks Bhai. The pass usually opens by April 1st week. In March, you can try to go as far as you can but I doubt you will be able to reach the top

Rajeev Bhagat April 18, 2022 - 6:07 am

Dear Vargis Sir,
Hope you are good. I have been following your blogs since long and certainly enjoying it. Thanks for the hard work you are doing for us.
Sir, I am from Vadodara, Gujarat and wants to do following trip. Kindly guide and suggest me, if I need to change some route or plan. I am travelling with my family 2+2 in xuv 500.

Day – 1 – Chamba – Sach pass – Killar (night stay)
Day – 2 Killar local
Day – 3 Killar – Kishtwar – Kokernag (night)
Day-4 Kokernag-Achabal-Chatpal (night)
Day-5 Chatpal – pahalgam (night)
Day – 6 Pahalgam – Aru (night)
Day-7 Pahalgam – Srinagar (night)
Day-8 Srinagar – Gurez (night)
Day -9 (afternoon) Gurez – Athwatoo (night)
Day-10 Ahtwatoo – Gulmarg (night)
Day-11 Gulmarg – Aharbal water fall (night)
Day-12 Aharbal – Mughal Road – Jammu (night)

Kindly suggest me sir, whether I need to change/alter the above plan ( I also wish to travel Warwan, if possible in 1 day).

Thank you regards

Vargis.Khan April 24, 2022 - 4:58 am

Bhai have you confirmed accommodation in all these places, like Kokernag and Athwatoo?


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