How to Make your Car look Stupid – A Beginners Guide

by Vargis.Khan

Making their cars look as stylish as possible is every car owner’s everyday resolution. And here I am talking about the ones who really love their car; not the ones who do not even bother to dust it for days altogether. We all love modifying our cars in small ways which if done right and tastefully will add a certain charm to your vehicle. But then there are some modifications that will make a car look just dumb and its owner a plain douche-bag. Below is a list of some such modification that you probably should stay away from; unless you do want to make your car look stupid.

Lights, Lights, Lights

This I think is the first thought that comes to mind when we as Indians think of modifying our vehicles. This is one of the cheapest modifications that you can get done and can add a bit of style if done right. But then it does not suit almost any car and overdoing it will definitely make you the idiot on the road. Putting way too many headlamps on a hatchback is an absolute overkill; but adding too many on a jeep or SUV too will ruin it completely.

Custom Paint Job

Another modification choice that not too many people seem to get right. I cannot even being to describe in how many ways this car owner made himself the laughing stock. Any guesses which car it really is or was originally?

Massive Bull bars or Crash Guards

These do not look good on a sedan or hatchback and there is no other way around it. Even adding a simple metal rod type crash guard ruins the entire look.

Large Useless Wings

Wings look ridiculous even when you put them on the rear side of the car; unless you are really in a sports car on a track. But then modifying your car by adding a modified wing on the bonnet? Seriously?

Spare Wheels on Hatchback

A spare wheel on the tail gate is for SUVs, it is not for hatchbacks or sedans; looks even more stupid when you try it on a budget hatchback like Maruti. Add to it that some people even add a small ladder to it as well.

Image: Team BHP

Way too Many Stickers

This really does not look good on any car in my opinion; except for a rally cars maybe. But trying it a Tata Nano? Really? Plastering too many stickers on your car means that you want to pass a message but is everyone getting the same message that you want to give; or are they just laughing at you?

make your car look stupid

How to Make your Car Look Stupid?

Do you know of any other ways to make a simple car look Idiotic? Or do you have a picture you would like to share? Please feel free to comment and suggest.

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