Hotel Reo Purgyil Nako – A Recommended Place to Stay

by Ishita Saha & Partha Pain

Located just at the entry of Nako village, Hotel Reo Purgyil Nako offers fairly large rooms which are clean and comfortable. We checked in for a night, as the property offered us a launch pad to head towards Kaza. Rooms come with an attached balcony which face the fields around the property. Attached washrooms were clean and provided running hot water as long as electricity was available. Room also came with a flat screen T.V. with limited cable channels.

Staff servicing the hotel are friendly, polite and are always smiling. Food on offer is good and there is usually variety available. We chose to go with the tried and tested Dal, Roti, Sabzi and Chicken. We recommend the coffee at the property! The taste was amazing and we had extra cups just because of that. Just outside the property there are a handful of stores selling knickknacks and local winter wear. Recommend paying a visit to them during the evening. As always, the people are friendly and up for a chat.

hotel reo purgyil nako

View from the Hotel

Nako Monastery

Phone network connectivity is that of BSNL. Within the property I had some trouble with the reception but from the balcony it worked fine. Parking at the property is a bit limited, but one can manage in and around the property. I noticed that bike rentals are also available from the property.

Hotel Reo Purgyil Nako – Final Verdict

During late evening, we recommend sitting out in the balcony by dimming the room lights. It will be cold, but you will be able to observe a ton of stars in the sky. In fact, we also spotted the milky way. During the day one can walk to the Nako lake which is a few minutes’ walk from the property. The town’s monastery is a longer trek and you will need to park about an hour’s worth of time.

  • Pro: Good food, friendly staff
  • Con: Frequent power cuts during the day. Limited Parking
  • For bookings reach out on +91 9459494111

We checked out early morning with no hassles. Staff stay at the property itself and can service an early cup of tea to get you energized. Overall, it is a recommended place for stay. I hope this review of Hotel Reo Purgyil was of help. If you have any further questions, you may comment and ask.

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