Photoshop Basics – Note Tool

by Vargis.Khan

Note Tool is perhaps the simplest tool available in Photoshop. Sometimes you may feel the need to add notes to an image or your Photoshop project so you may continue working on it later. This is when the Note tool comes in handy. These are non-printable notes which means they do not appear on your final image. They will not have any visual effect on saved images.

To select the Note Tool, click on its icon in the Tools Palette. It is in the same list as the Eye Dropper Tool. To select the Note Tool, click on the list, hold your mouse button for a second and select the Note tool from the fly menu. You can also right click on the nest for the fly menu to appear. Keyboard shortcut for the Note Tool is “I” but it is also the shortcut for all the tools resting in that nest which means that you will again have to use your mouse to bring out the fly menu. Alternatively, you can also shuffle between these tools by pressing Shift + I from your keyboard.


Once you have the tool selected, click anywhere on the image or the area where you want to put a note. Photoshop will place a note icon on the image and bring out the Note window where you can type in the text you want to add.


You can change color of the text and author’s name from the option bar at top of your screen.


“Clear All” button in the options bar will delete all added notes. If you want to view the notes, click on the last icon as shown in the image above and Photoshop will bring out the same window that you added the text in.

Another way to view the notes or bring out the window is to go to “View” menu from the Menu bar and click on “Notes”.


If you feel you have added the note on the wrong place, you can reposition your note by clicking and dragging it to the desired area.

To delete a note, right click on the note icon and click on “Delete Note”. If you want to delete all notes at the same time, click on “Delete All Notes” or you can also click on “Clear All” from option bar at the top. Clicking on “Open Note” will again bring out the same window where you added the text so you can edit it. You can also double note on the note icon to bring out the window.


To edit a note, open it (double-click on it), and make your changes.

If you want to temporarily hide the notes, not delete by hide, you can do it by pressing Ctrl + H on your keyboard or from pull-down menu: View > Show > Notes. Repeat the same action to bring out the hidden notes.

The image should be saved in PSD or TIFF format for the notes to remain. Saving in any other format will remove all notes.

And that is it. This is the Note tool, as I said, simplest.

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