Manali to Leh Cycling Trip – How to Prepare Yourself

by Vargis.Khan

A cycling trip from Manali to Leh is a dream for every cyclist in the country right now. Pedaling your way on what is known as one of the most difficult roads of India is no less than an accomplishment. A Manali to Leh cycling ride takes you through a cold desert and across 5 high altitude passes. Your preparation as well for such a journey would have to be thorough.

The total distance between Manali and Leh is 473 kilometers via Rohtang and 427 kilometers via Atal Tunnel. But since you are out on an adventure, I am assuming that you will definitely not want to leave out Rohtang La and will surely like to conquer all of the 5 passes. For a journey like that, an ideal time can be anywhere between 7 to 14 days, depending on your stamina, pace, and time in hand.

In this article, I will share a few tips on how you can prepare yourself for a Manali Leh cycling trip. I completed this journey solo in a total of 11 days so much of what I am sharing below is based on my own personal experience.

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