Obtaining Leh Inner Line Permit


Ladakh, or the entire Kashmir and Ladakh for that matter, is a beautiful yet sensitive area because of the constant conflicts between India, Pakistan and China in this region. Sadly, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which rightfully belongs to India, is divided between 3 different countries. While India only protects its own territory, China and Pakistan never stopped making attempts to acquire more land in this region due to which, tension in these districts is always high. There is heavy army presence in this area and not all parts of Ladakh are accessible to civilians. To visit some areas, an Inner Line Permit is required for Indian citizens.

What is an Inner Line Permit : Inner Line Permit, or ILP, is an Indian government issued document to Indian citizens from outside the state. It is a permit to be allowed entry to restricted area for a limited period of time. Places located near LOC (Pakistan) & LAC (China) require civilians to acquire this permit in order to visit. The sole purpose of this permit is to keep a check on movement in these areas.

Places that require ILP :

  • Changthang [Only issued to Indian citizens, foreigners not allowed in this region] - For visiting areas like Chushul, Hanle, Loma, one is still required to obtain a permit. ILP is no longer required to visit Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri etc. Please Click here to read about this. However for Changthang Valley, Inner Line Permit is still applicable. Read on to find out about how to obtain an ILP

No permit is required for local sight seeing around Leh, Zanskar Valley, Suru Valley.

Below is a scanned copy of the application form that needs to be filled in order to get an inner line permit.


Where To Apply for ILP : This permit is issued at city's DC office which remains open from 9 AM till 5 PM, Monday to Saturday, however ILPs are only issued between 10 AM till 3 PM.

Where to obtain the application form : This form is available at the DC's office, at a photo copy shop located in office premises. Alternatively, you can enquire at your hotel because usually all the hotels and guest houses keep a copy of it for their guests.

Documents Required : A self attested photocopy of a photo identity proof of the applicant is required to be attached with the application form. The identity card can only be a government issued one, ie Driving License, Passport, Pan Card etc.

Cost of ILP : The Inner Line permit cost includes Rs. 200 per person for environment tax, Rs. 20 per person per day for wildlife protection fee and Rs. 10 per person per day as charity towards a Red Cross society. So for example, if you need a permit for 4 days, total cost would be Rs. 320 [200 + 120 (30*4)].

Validity of ILP : The Inner line permit can be procured only for a maximum of 3 weeks for Indian citizens. However though it is not a one time entry pass, which means that you can, after procuring ILP, visit that particular region as many times as you wish, as long as the permit is still valid.

How to Apply : Full name of the applicant and father is required to be filled in the application form. Apart from mentioning your permanent address, you will also need to mention the name of the hotel you are staying at in Ladakh.

While filling out the application form, please carefully mention full names of the places that you wish to visit, ie Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and the dates when you will be visiting these areas.

If you are planning to visit Tso Moriri via Chushul from Pangong Tso, you will have to pen down the entire route on the application form which means that you will have to name every place that is located on this route or else you may get sent back from a check post. Places on this route are Man – Merak – Chusul – Tsaga – Loma – Nyoma - Hanle and Tso Moriri.

Besides filling out the permit application form, one is also required to write an application addressing DC of Leh – Ladakh [Same kind of application you wrote in school, on a blank paper, addressing principal to request leaves]. In this application too you will need to mention the places you wish to visit and the dates when you will be visiting them.

Applying through an agent or hotel : In case you are on a tight schedule, you can call your hotel or a travel agent and ask them to procure an ILP for you for a small commission of Rs. 100 - 200 per person. You will however need to fax or email them a copy of your self attested photo identity proof.



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